Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last Post for 2009!

Hey Everyone,

My last post for 2009! Wow , I am really excited for what 2010 has in store for us all!. I am just thankful that everyone I know or have met this year is alive and healthy! That alone is a reason to praise the Lord! I am so grateful!!

Looking thru the stores and online because of the crazy sales going on , I noticed a lot of spring coats in resort. Love it! Because I'm a big trench coat person and they are sweeping in , in style. I checked out a couple of designers to see what is going to eventually inspire all other brands lol to make their coats this Spring. Enjoy some of my favs below , if you would like to check out some more is an excellent resource.

Respectively we have Alexander Wang who sliced the sleeves off ,Cloud cover at Sacaci , Marc by Marc Jacobs, Christian Dior , Purple haze from Burberry ( I love) and Aquascutum, Michael Herz added feminine ruffles.

(all iamges from

Loveee the Ruffle Trench n Purple Burberry one my favs!!! :)

I also wanted you guys to head over to Theta Mom if you have a chance to check out her post on 3 things she needs in 2010 , I that it was so deep. She said she needs 3 things in 2010 , Bread , Salt and Wine ! Check it out to see why and to see why I need the exact same things!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway HERE to start off your fab New Year!!!
Thanks to everyone who has entered so far GOOD LUCK!

I will be back on Monday , see you in 2010!

So from my family to you and yours Wishing everyone Joy , Peace , Love and Prosperity!

(stylist:La Mode)


Monday, December 28, 2009

Fabulousness! :) + 2nd GIVEAWAY!!!!!!! -CLOSED!!!

Hey Everyone!

How was everyone's Christmas ? I had fun with my family n friends , it was also nice to take a small breather and get myself re-engerized and ready to go for the New Yr! . I have caught up on all my readers blogs and its been interesting to read everyones plans for the New Year or their resolutions...I must say I will not put mines down on paper till NYE :) , I have so many areas that I want to improve on personally and with La Mode.

Moving on I was thinking of some dresses that have really wowed me ( since the later part of this year.) I have to say though that I love Marchesa hands down! Marchesa has graced the hottest red carpets and major events this year and for 2009 I would say Marchesa is my fav designer this year! Over at the Red Carpet Fashion Awards they agreed! :)

(all pics from

Diane Kruger & Olivia Wilde my personal favs!

Now on to my GIVEAWAY! :)

So as mentioned in my 20 gifts under$100 post , I said I would have a giveaway and one lucky reader will be able to choose something for the gift guide :) This includes a gas or target giftcard ( if you choose) up to $65 value!!!

This contest is opened to all :) , the contest will be open for 3 weeks! So more than enough time to get the entries in :)

These are the rules:

Required Entry: Follow my blog publicly and leave an entry telling me your name :)

Extra Entries: (You may leave a separate comment for each entry. For each extra entry to count the required entry has to be done or you can put all your entries in one comment)

1. Follow La Mode on Twitter and leave me your twitter name. (1 entry)

2. Become a fan of La Mode on Facebook and leave me your FB name. (1 entry)

3. Subscribe to La Mode's Mailing List . (4 entries)

4. Tweet this giveaway! Just copy/paste the following: Enter to win a gift under$100 of your choice!! @lamode10 please RT (1 entry per daily tweet)

5. Post about this giveaway on your blog and link back to me. Leave me your link to show the post. (2 entries)

6. Add La Mode to your blogroll. (2 entries)

(rules structure was gotten from ThetaMom -A fab blogger.)

I am so excited about this giveaway as there are some fab things on the gift guide! To check out some of the fab gifts you will be winning check 20 gifts under $100

Best of Luck Everyone!



Thursday, December 24, 2009


Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

Wishing all my fabulous readers and supporters the very best this Holiday Season!! I am so Happy n blessed for all the goodness in my life! My fabulous twins n hubby , La Mode , family n my loved friends!

I will be taking a break to have fun with my family and engerize myself :)

I will be back Shortly before the New Yr with a fab giveaway to start 2010!!!

Thank you to all my readers & supporters , I pray 2010 will be an amazing year for us all !!!


Friday, December 18, 2009

B! It's getting HOT in here !

Hey Everyone!

I was catching up on my daily does of in style when I came across Beyonce!! :) Now I will be the first to admit , I wasn't a HUGE Beyonce fan in terms of her singing cos all her songs were very commercial but extremely catchy. However, after seeing her in concert with 2 of my very close girlfriends that all changed I am pretty sure I will be going to see her again!. I mean omg her FIRE & PASSION on the stage was electrifying , what I call O.O.C out-of-control which is why I am not surprised the name of her new fragrance is none other but "HEAT" . The fragrance is inspired from her very "hot" performances. The scent according to In Style is "the scent has notes of red vanilla orchid, magnolia, neroli and blush peach". I probably use like the same fragrance every day which is Miracle by Lancome which I LOVE!!!... So when this hits the departmental stores in Februauy I must admit I will try the sampler out of curiosty to see how it smells. :)

One week to Christmas everyone have you finished your shopping ? If not I have 20 fab gifts under $100 for you to see :) My giveaway will start after Christmas woo woo! :) so stay tuned, I of my readers will win the chance to choose anything they want on my 20 under$100 list and depending on how Christmas goes hehehe it might be two lucky readers :).

For all my readers expecting heavy weather this weekend PLS drive safe!!!

Have a safe weekend!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rachel McAdams

Hey Everyone,

Is it just me or does London get the first dibs on movies nowadays ? Rachel McAdams looked so simply elegant in her Andrew Gn gown she wore at the London premiere of Sherlock Holmes which she starred in and is coming out Christmas Day I believe. I love how her gown is one arm and has just a tad bit if sparkle to it!

This steel gray goddess dress is powerful in that although its simple its just so elegant. The color isn't something we normally see everywhere but I think it works for her!

(image from

I definitely want to see Sherlock Holmes , it looks like something I would enjoy. I might not see it opening day but pretty soon though.What do you guys think of the lovely Ms Rachel McAdams ?

Don't forget to check out my gift favs below , it has information on my upcoming giveaway which i have decided to start after Christmas and will end sometime in Jan :) Another nice gift for a lucky reader to start the new year!


Friday, December 11, 2009

20 gifts under $100

Hey Everyone,

I figured I'd put together 20 things I think would make nice lil gifts for your family ,friends or mb even co workers for the holidays or beyond! I also wanted to post this is by the weekend , as I will be working all weekend. I have several fabulous stuff thats fun and will be appreciated I threw in a 1 or 2 wildcards that have nothing to do with fashion. I must admit some of this stuff I own ;) , some have been a gift and others I will probably purchase at some point in the near future.

The items that I choose that are from In style you get an extra %20 off when you buy the item n mention In Style or go to their holiday shopping ideas and print the ad now thru Dec 30th ( I try to look out for the best deals :) )

Kenneth Cole cufflinks! very sharp looking. $60
( they are %50 off at the moment.)

Every girl needs at least 1 overside bag! Melie Bianco $75

I think this shoe is very sharp! Bought the Brown and Black for the hubby. Borreli $29.99 @Rackroom shoes, they are also doing buy one get one free right now! Sweet :)

I bought this for me and so far I love it! get it for the fashion forward person in your life! Amazon has great used ones from $6 !! :)

I can never get enough of Yankee candles, I love the fresh and sometimes yummy scents! :) $24

This cute lil wristwatch is a nice gift for anyone :) just an everyday wear. $22.95 NY&CO.

For the makeup guru in your life lol... this cute M.A.C number is filled with great eyeshadow palette for day or night.

For the make up JUNKIE! :) this will be a fabulous gift. Nordstrom offers this fab set @$30. If you mention In Style from till Dec 30th you will receive an additional %20!!

Perfume by one and only Marc Jacobs!! :) get Lola @$42 at any departmental store.

Love these flimsy Ann Taylor slippers so comfortable yet stylish lol :) $24.50

I think this is so cute! Avon offers this cute sequin coin purse with a 4 different lip glosses at$13!! I personally plan on checking this out :)

These hand stamped keychains etc are so cute and since they are custom made you can get anything put on them . I have another below. $31
can be found on Etsy made by Klacustom Creations.

LOVE the George Forman grill for my wildcard. At first me and the hubby were a bit skeptical lol but since we got one we have been enjoying a many a dishes lol. $60 , can be found at Target or any departmental store.

cute little Betsy Johnson lip earrings :) $25

Love this bracelet from Banana Republic $45 mention In Style and receive an %20

Another Klacustom Creation! $39.99
Check her out on her Etsy store ( link above.)

Another Ann Taylor rossette cardigan $90 mention In Style or print the page off their holiday guide and receive an additional %20

Statement making necklaces add an "it" factor to any ensemble :) Beach black $38 can be found on Rachel Zoe holiday guide :)

This is a satchel is great look and gift for the loved man or men in your life. ASOS $48

(all images from the internet)

For the last 2 gifts on my list is a GAS & Target gift card! These are super gifts and always so appreciated. I love target and everyone once in a while a friend or family member will get me one as target has everything! :). As for the GAS card I have never gotten one but boy would I love one lol! I know everyone could do with a lil free gas! :)

Now as for my GIVEAWAY coming up! :) One lucky reader will have the choice to choose any of these fabulous items including a target or gas card ( value under $75) for themselves or opt to give it to a loved one :) so stay tuned for the details.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Intermission :)

Hey Everyone ,

Time for my Intermission post! :) So were do I start ? So much has been going on but I'm grateful. La Mode got it's first official intern woo woo! She will be starting Jan 21st for the spring semester , I hope she will be able to learn about small businesses firsthand from this experience. I also received another applicant this evening so , so far so good. Yesterday I had the opportunity to work the first White House Black Market fashion which was very interesting. I learned quite a few things :) I will post pics in a separate post later . I have been working on my short and long term goals for La Mode and I am extremely excited of some events to come in the new year. I'm very passionate about cancer awareness and even more cancer in children , La Mode is going to be doing something special for the kids affected by this horrid battle. Although ( and thankfully) I have never lost anyone dear to me from Cancer , it breaks my heart.

My mom is coming from Nigeria for the Christmas holidays so that is very exciting!!! :) . I should be in MD for the Christmas holidays with my brothers , her and the rest of my family. We plan to take professional pictures of me , her & the twins so that will be fun.

I have been stumbling on some fabulous blogs that pertain to all sorts of areas. I especially love the wifey & mommy ones that I have read lately. It's amazing how this blogging world has changed my perception on certain things or made me realize people go thru the same exact triumphs and struggles as I do. On another note there are also some other fab fab fashion blogs that I love. I appreciate all my readers and new readers , I am so grateful that you take the time to stop by and see whats happening on my blog. I make sure I visit and comment on everyones blog that passes thru here on mines or is a reader :).

I can't believe 2009 is rolling to an end! It has been an amazing year and I thank God for EVERYTHING I feel soooo blessed , I am looking fwd to bigger n better things for husband, my twins , my loved ones , my fellow entrepreneurs and all of my readers! I am ready for 2010.

I will be having a Fabulous giveaway very soon , I am not sure if I want it towards the end of the year or the beginning of the new yr :) So stay tuned!!.

I took a pic with me and my girls today!

Please don't mind my appearance lol , we were playing around. So that's about all I have been up too.

So I have been compiling a list of 20 gifts under $100 fab fab stuff :) . To help you guys out with any last min shopping.


p.s I saw this link on CNN its pictures from the top 10 everything of 09! Amazing and touching. Click here or CNN


Monday, December 7, 2009

Sigh if only I could pluck money off tress III :)

Hey Everyone,

Now you all know I love Marc Jacob , here is one his skirts. I love the sequin trim!

Just had to post!

it's prices at $1400 at (image from instyle)
I think its adorable and would go nicely with any solid color top :)


p.s saving for a Marc J bag for next yr woo woo , will be asking your opinion on that was well :) I got my pumps with the ruffles and will post a personal lookbook shot when I wear em up! :)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

In my shopping cart!

Hey Everyone ,

Sorry for the long pause , it was a busy week plus I was feeling a bit under the weather yesterday. The twins got the cold so you know I definitely got it. La Mode got two interns this week! , so excited for the goodness that will come out of this. I am so happy to announce that my Christmas shopping is DONE! I am thankful that I was able to get 8 of my closest friends and family something. They have been so good to me this year and I would love to say thank you!. Of course with every shopping trip something has to come out of it for me lol.

I am trying to step my shoe game up :) All my shoes seemed to have disappeared. I assume with me moving from MD to NJ as while as during the pregnancy a lot of them got displaced. However, I do need a serious update, so I have decided to get at 2 new pairs of shoes a month for the next 3 months ( where I can afford). Let's just call this an extreme shoe makeover lol , so I have started this month and I bought my first pair from Zappos. Zappos is a bit pricey however they carry sizes 11 , yes I'm a size 11 ( and hope my girls don't wear sz 11) So it is extremely hard to find shoes , DSW and Nine West have some cute ones were I go often. Which brings me to the second pair that I bought , they are having a %30 off your entire purchase be it sale or full price. I took advantage of that and bought a pair of suede pumps with cute pleats in the front. I used to shop the Victoria Secret catalog a coupe of years back and then I stopped for some reason. I already know what next months will look like and they won't be black :).

I noticed that peep toe is everywhere online and in the malls , with some kind of embellishment, ruffle , rosettes etc I love it ! Naturally I love love love ruffles, so that was my first thing that caught my eye!. It was funny because the shoes I picked were blogged about over at the I am styl-ish blog ( her blog is amazing ).

Next in my cart I bought 2 fahsion books one by Tim Guinn and another one called Pocket Stylist by Kendall Karr. I would love to start a library of good and useful books am all about learning , not to mention I love to read!

I didn't do any more shopping for myself as I was all about Holiday shopping ! So their

So how has Christmas Shopping been for you guys ? If you guys have any fab shoes finds or books let me know :)


p.s I am still debating about the jacket :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Oh Heidi Heidi she just WOWs us!

Hey Everyone,

As the Victoria Secret Fashion show just wrapped up , Heidi just amazes me!! I saw these pics from the Nov 20th 2009 Vicky Secret fashion show before they aired the complete show tonite!

Heidi Klum just had a baby 5 weeks ago!!! OMG how does she look so fabulous already! I had mines 15months ago and I def can't pull these dresses off!

You go girl! we heart Heidi!

Don't forget La Mode's website is up! so check us out and to join our mailing list for fabulous updates, events ,sales & much more mail us at :!


Soul Train Awards 2009.

Hey Everyone,

So after a 2 year hiatus the Soul Train Music Awards is back! I had to record it as I was working. It was taped November 3rd and was aired November 23rd. After watching it I was pleasantly surprised because unlike the AMA's I actually liked a couple of the outfits that I saw. I especially liked Kandi Burruss who looked smashing in the strapless black feathered tube dress and a black jeweled necklace. Its nice to see her out & about despite the sad news of her ex-fiance passing away bac in October.

(image from

Some other things I enjoyed about the Soul Train Awards was Taraji P Henson and Terrence Howard's hosting performances. Boyz II Men though only 2/4 present I still love them , Trey Songz was amazing as well. Of course I also have to mention that Le Toya Luckett looked sexy in her Herve Leger dress and Robin Thicke looked nice and crisp in his black number :)

(all images from

Alright folks wishing you love, peace & souuuuuulllll lol.

La Mode had its first official client meeting and it went fabulous! :) Check out our website. Also to receive fabulous updates on our events , hot sales , trends & much more email us at


Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Long Sleeve Mini Dress

Hey Everyone,

Black Friday was crazy at my job! good thing for us I was busy styling away! Even today it picked up right as I was getting ready to leave. It was funny because their was a bit of commonality to what people happened to be looking for today. They wanted a dress a nice short length but wanted long sleeves. Which should'nt be a surprise as it is getting cold right , thankfully we had some cute mini sweater dresses as well as nice mini dresses with long sleeves. I love the long sleeve mini dress because it provides the coverage for your arms and with your legs , tights do the trick. However , in the spring you can wear without the tights and still feel comfortable. I found a cute picture from In style of Jennifer Aniston in a such a cute dress and a nice affordable alternative for under $100 from

(image from In style magazine)

For more fabulous finds check out topshop .

What do you guys think and how was your Black Friday if you went shopping ?


Thursday, November 26, 2009

La Mode is LIVE & Officially OPEN!

Hey Everyone,

How was Thanksgiving ? Yummy I hope :) Mines was , I enjoyed the evening with wonderful my wonderful family.

Moving on ,I am so excited & thankful to God that La Mode's website is DONE!!! It has been such an amazing effort put forth by my very dear family friend that worked tirelessly on my website. I am completely satisfied with the finished product of my website currently . He was patient with my endless calls , emails and rants. I am proud to say that La Mode is OFFICIALLY open for business, I wanted to establish a styling based service were everyday people like you and me could enjoy such. I do want to thank my Husband , family and my friends who have supported me 100%. I also want to give a special shout out to the very talented Onada who is not only a very dear friend of mine but one of my inspirations who led me to really push ,challenge and believe in myself to pursue my passion of styling & wardrobing. I am so grateful!

I have to thank my wonderful clients so far , for taking a leap of faith in La Mode even before our official open ! I promise not to disappoint you!

For any of my new readers ( welcome :0 ) La Mode is a fashion consulting business aimed at helping you with all you're styling needs. When I say styling needs I mean the style that is just right for you and no one else. Whether it is personal shopping services you need , special occasions such as weddings ,engagement sessions, milestone birthdays or photo shoots La Mode can help . In addition to that we can also look for the stylish location for your special event. We also have fantastic vendors that we trust that we can refer you too. Lastly whats an event without the finishing touches ? :) Once again La Mode can look for all your gift/favor solutions from the ordering to assembling to delivering! La Mode will also take care of all your gift packaging solutions such as wrapping , the tissue , labels , gift boxes & much more.

We offer all our services virtually so if you don't live in the area that is no obstacle La Mode will get the job done! ( However traveling is an option.)

Men are also welcome to any of these services!
As I finish with some of my clients and projects I will be posting them along as I go. So please check out La Mode !

For any additional information , questions ,comments or concerns please email La Mode at

I'll be back soon with a post!

Thanks Everyone for stopping by!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!! ( & a nice Sale)

Hi Everyone! ,

I will be busy preparing for Thanksgiving tomorrow :) I just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving. I personally have a zillion things to be thankful for! So have fun enjoy your family , loved ones & Black Friday ;)

(image from internet)

Thank you all for stopping by!!! :)


p.s The White Dress Shop will be having a fabulous thanksgiving sale ! %40 off everything for three days starting Friday I believe! One of my fav places so check it out.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Natalie Portman!

Hey Everyone!

Hope the start of the short week is looking good :) So I caught the Red Carpet for the AMA Awards last night , to be honest nothing really caught my eye or wowed me. I thought Nicole Kidman looked gorgeous in a Balenciaga dress. However, Natalie Portman at the cinema society screening of her upcoming movie Brothers , wowed me in this cute Jason Wu ( love Jason Wu) cocktail cobalt dress with a teal waistband! I love the fact her shoes are purple as thats my favorite color. She was able to add a splash of color with her clutch and get away with it! :) What do you guys think ?

(image of instyle,com)

Incase any of you get to stop by this week have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!! :)


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Accessory Report :)

Hey Everyone! :)

The weekend that gets here so slow is fast leaving us :s However, I had a fabulous friday I got to see NEW MOON! Yes yes I am one of the "twi-moms" that contributed to the $72.7 million that they did! Now don't get me wrong I love the twilight story but Dark Knight is wayyyy better and I think should hold its spot but hey its a win-win situation for me :)

Well, moving on , today I was inspired from my doing a bit of Christmas shopping for my friends. New York & Company is having a fabulous accessory sale buy 1 get 1 %75 what! I was on it. I got some stuff for me as btw ;)

So when I got home I started browsing the net , catching up on some style reports in my inbox and I found myself at Polyvore ;) and just created a set of accessories that caught my eye! I recently just stumbled on Polyvore...yes yes I know it's old news but so what! I will be having a lot of fun creating all sorts of outfits or things that I love and share with you all on my blog.

Below is my first set of accessories that I fancied lol.

Kenneth Jay Lane Crystal-embellished bracelet
H&M Shop Online
Bow Stud Waist Belt
NEWS - GIVENCHY - Givenchy Necklace Pearls bei jades24
Erickson Beamon Blade Runner Swarovski earrings
Erickson Beamon Swarovski crystal multi-chain necklace
Juicy Couture Bow Pave Studs - Silver
Cluster Jewel Cuff by Fenton, Bracelets, Kabiri Jewellery Store

(All images created by in my set via polyvore)

When it comes to accessories I love fun and bright pieces , jewelry can really make a statement and provide the "BAM" factor :) or it could be subtle and just compliment your outfit. Recently at work I had fun styling this lady who was going for her 25th reunion. We choose the dress which was a plain black tunic dress, by the time I got done accessorizing her she got the necklace , earrings ,clutch & shoes :) . It looked great; she was so pleased that she said she was going to wear it to her Husbands work holiday party. Talk about versatile , you can always be versatile with your outfits and changing up you're accessories will help you do just that.

Thanks everyone for stopping by!


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