Friday, December 11, 2009

20 gifts under $100

Hey Everyone,

I figured I'd put together 20 things I think would make nice lil gifts for your family ,friends or mb even co workers for the holidays or beyond! I also wanted to post this is by the weekend , as I will be working all weekend. I have several fabulous stuff thats fun and will be appreciated I threw in a 1 or 2 wildcards that have nothing to do with fashion. I must admit some of this stuff I own ;) , some have been a gift and others I will probably purchase at some point in the near future.

The items that I choose that are from In style you get an extra %20 off when you buy the item n mention In Style or go to their holiday shopping ideas and print the ad now thru Dec 30th ( I try to look out for the best deals :) )

Kenneth Cole cufflinks! very sharp looking. $60
( they are %50 off at the moment.)

Every girl needs at least 1 overside bag! Melie Bianco $75

I think this shoe is very sharp! Bought the Brown and Black for the hubby. Borreli $29.99 @Rackroom shoes, they are also doing buy one get one free right now! Sweet :)

I bought this for me and so far I love it! get it for the fashion forward person in your life! Amazon has great used ones from $6 !! :)

I can never get enough of Yankee candles, I love the fresh and sometimes yummy scents! :) $24

This cute lil wristwatch is a nice gift for anyone :) just an everyday wear. $22.95 NY&CO.

For the makeup guru in your life lol... this cute M.A.C number is filled with great eyeshadow palette for day or night.

For the make up JUNKIE! :) this will be a fabulous gift. Nordstrom offers this fab set @$30. If you mention In Style from till Dec 30th you will receive an additional %20!!

Perfume by one and only Marc Jacobs!! :) get Lola @$42 at any departmental store.

Love these flimsy Ann Taylor slippers so comfortable yet stylish lol :) $24.50

I think this is so cute! Avon offers this cute sequin coin purse with a 4 different lip glosses at$13!! I personally plan on checking this out :)

These hand stamped keychains etc are so cute and since they are custom made you can get anything put on them . I have another below. $31
can be found on Etsy made by Klacustom Creations.

LOVE the George Forman grill for my wildcard. At first me and the hubby were a bit skeptical lol but since we got one we have been enjoying a many a dishes lol. $60 , can be found at Target or any departmental store.

cute little Betsy Johnson lip earrings :) $25

Love this bracelet from Banana Republic $45 mention In Style and receive an %20

Another Klacustom Creation! $39.99
Check her out on her Etsy store ( link above.)

Another Ann Taylor rossette cardigan $90 mention In Style or print the page off their holiday guide and receive an additional %20

Statement making necklaces add an "it" factor to any ensemble :) Beach black $38 can be found on Rachel Zoe holiday guide :)

This is a satchel is great look and gift for the loved man or men in your life. ASOS $48

(all images from the internet)

For the last 2 gifts on my list is a GAS & Target gift card! These are super gifts and always so appreciated. I love target and everyone once in a while a friend or family member will get me one as target has everything! :). As for the GAS card I have never gotten one but boy would I love one lol! I know everyone could do with a lil free gas! :)

Now as for my GIVEAWAY coming up! :) One lucky reader will have the choice to choose any of these fabulous items including a target or gas card ( value under $75) for themselves or opt to give it to a loved one :) so stay tuned for the details.



  1. wow lots of amazing things. I love yankee candles also.

  2. OMG a gas card would be at the top of my list!! I drive an Acura TL and when you open the gas tank it says "Premium Fuel Only." I just sigh...yeah yeah! LOL so I could definitely use a gas card! The other gifts are great also - I'm goin to check out the necklace from the Rachel Zoe holiday guide - I think I've seen it in Urban Outfitters, but I'm not sure if that's the exact same one! BTW I'm going to email you about the accenture thing as well! :)

  3. ooooo! Ann Taylor Flats and Lola have my names written over them.

    Thanks for sharing ;)


  4. Lots of great pieces! I think the lip earrings are super cute.

  5. those keychains are so cute; i love personalized gifts

  6. That rhinestone necklace is STUNNING!

  7. I follow on GFC! (janine)
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    janine at mykidsarefun dot com

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