Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Photoshoot 2 + Sneak peak.

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to post some more pics from our Photo shoot prep plus a sneak peak of a picture :)


Sneak Peek!

Model: Emilie Fiend , Stephenie Nesmith
MUA: Nikki - Makeup & Style by LaMode
Photographer: Anna Harty

**All pictures are property of LaMode , please cite when and if using pictures! For inquiries contact , inquiries@lamodeconsulting.com

Thank you!

Monday, September 27, 2010


Hi Everyone,

What an amazing weekend LaMode had!!! We had an unexpected Bride :) and our 1st photo shoot!!! Both went amazing , I am so thankful. Networking is so crucial, I am beginning to learn that in so man ways. One of the wedding planners, I had networked with on Wedding Wire has given me two clients and I plan to continue to network like CRAZY!.

Our photo shoot was our very first, I had never been to or organized one. To say the least it went extremely well for the first time around. I had another stylist on hand for assistance and she was amazing. K from abarbiedefined.com was great! It was such a great help to have her their and she is also working her way into the Makeup Industry so I am sure she had fun. She did an amazing job of taking prep pics.

I plan on having another shoot in October and will be working with these two models I used.

I hate this new way of adding pictures on blogger where the codes show up after uploading instead of the actual picture lol....drives me nuts! Anyways enjoy and stay tuned for the final pictures from the shoot. I will post pictures from our bride this past weekend, but if you are not a fan of LaMode on facebook why don't you like us :) The Bridal pics are already posted :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hi Everyone,

This is just to let you know that I will be updating the blog after the photo shoot on Sunday!! Super excited.

I have decided not to post trial pics of my brides until after their weddings lol.

Nervous about the shoot though ...here is to hoping/praying everything turns out well. My very good friend who is a photog as well I am hoping to get another shoot with her in as well....

Well thats pretty much it folks :) Stay tuned


Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Hi Everyone,

This is a short post! So excited :) LaMode Makeup is putting together a beauty/bridal shoot and we are extremely excited... The date tentatively is Sept 26th 2010. Model Mayhem was an extremely good source.

I planned on putting pics from a trial I did this past Saturday. I think I will wait till tomorrow when my Oct 3rd Bride comes for her trial tomorrow. Fingers crossed she will like it. :)

Hope everyone is doing great!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Trials & Thank You's

Hey Everyone!

I am veryyyy excited! Although La Mode decided to launch Makeup & Style by LaMode Jan 2011 we have already received 2 inquiries and had our first official trial yesterday and another on Saturday!!!. I thank God and feel incredibly blessed, we can't take the credit alone for this! I need to must thank 4 very important people.

Bisi Essien C.E.O & Head Makeup Artist of Crystal Eyez Makeup Artistry I think was the catalyst behind it. One great lesson turned into a hobby of fun and passion and later , Makeup & Style by LaMode was born :). Even though she is in the field she is extremely supportive and a wonderful teacher and for that I am so grateful.

My dear friend Ola Abiola, is next she really was the first person I expressed that I might decide to go into the makeup industry. Being that I had a few close friends that were already Artist's I felt that maybe I should'nt as not to step on their toes. Ola pushed me to believe in myself and trust that my friends would never feel that way. For someone to make me believe in myself when I really didn't think I could or even had a chance I am seriously blessed from above for her.

I'd like to thank Abby Ayodeji and Sade Akintade who both own and are head makeup artists of their respective companies for their support, tips and tricks. Without them not sure I would had achieved such a pace of progress with my work. They allowed/allow me to shadow them and really get that one on one experience with the client. After all experience is the best teacher.

I have a vision and goal for Makeup & Style by LaMode , I'm very very excited about the endless possibilities and opportunities that this subsidiary of my consulting business can go.

I will update on Monday pictures from the trials done from this week. I'll always continue to practice and learn about my craft because practice makes perfect.

till Monday :)


www.bisidada.com -Crystal Eyez Makeup Artistry ( located in Chicago, IL )
www.myjuicylooks.com - My Juicy Look Makeup Artistry ( located in Newark, NJ)
HauteLooks Makeup & Style by Sade - Website is currently under construction. ( located in Lanham ,MD)

For more info on any of these skilled makeup artists please check out their websites or contact me at inquiries@lamodeconsulting.com!


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Prospect looks !

Hey Everyone,

The holiday weekend so far has been amazing! Today we officially performed our first application :) !!! It was so much fun! Abby of Juicy Looks was kind enough to ask us to assist her on a with a bridal party today. Initially I was only meant to do foundations , but ended up doing the foundations , lips and blush for the bridesmaids. We started late and Abby wanted to make sure she got the time she needed to focus on the bride. Abby , did direct me when needed and did the eyes of all the bridesmaids. She was a fabulous teacher.

After this experience today I feel confident and excited :) it was so fast paced that I didn't get to take pics with my camera :s but as soon as I get it I will definitely be posting them. In the meantime I was playing around and practicing on myself lol.....

I call these prospect looks because 1 look would be nice for a vintage look whether its a night out or bridal. Personally I would love this look for a bride... The other look would be nice for a Bride I tried a nude and pink lip with both. Which lip do you like better ?



Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Hey Everyone,

This is a bridal look , I did on a darling friend of mine. They are such great sports!!! lol. I usually do two different looks on the face since I am in practice mode lol. I'll share the side of her face that was bridal. I actually used lashes this time as now I feel comfortable with the technique! She wanted a plumy eye and a nude lip , its always all about the client! ;)

Enjoy and as always honest feedback is totally appreciated :)

I will be posting a look I love on myself later on & more test runs...In the next few weeks I will be doing actual trials :) I am getting my kit stocked and in order! Thank God!


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