Monday, September 27, 2010


Hi Everyone,

What an amazing weekend LaMode had!!! We had an unexpected Bride :) and our 1st photo shoot!!! Both went amazing , I am so thankful. Networking is so crucial, I am beginning to learn that in so man ways. One of the wedding planners, I had networked with on Wedding Wire has given me two clients and I plan to continue to network like CRAZY!.

Our photo shoot was our very first, I had never been to or organized one. To say the least it went extremely well for the first time around. I had another stylist on hand for assistance and she was amazing. K from was great! It was such a great help to have her their and she is also working her way into the Makeup Industry so I am sure she had fun. She did an amazing job of taking prep pics.

I plan on having another shoot in October and will be working with these two models I used.

I hate this new way of adding pictures on blogger where the codes show up after uploading instead of the actual picture lol....drives me nuts! Anyways enjoy and stay tuned for the final pictures from the shoot. I will post pictures from our bride this past weekend, but if you are not a fan of LaMode on facebook why don't you like us :) The Bridal pics are already posted :)


  1. it went so well and i had a lot of fun!

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