Thursday, February 25, 2010

Love Vera Wang

Hey everyone,


It's Kirsten and let's talk Vera Wang! Vera Wang has become a high-profile figure in the fashion world. Did you know that Wang was not always a fashion designer? She was once a figure skater and later on designed figure skater's Nancy Kerrugan's hand beaded ensemble for the Olympics! Today, Vera designs both bridal and evening apparel that are sold in many upscale retailers, such as Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. Even though I LOVE Vera Wang's apparel, I can't afford to shop at these higher end store, so I was ecstatic when I shopped at Khols's one day and saw that they carried a large selection of Vera Wang apparel, shoes and accessories. Here are some pieces by Vera that I loved. What do you think?

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Madonna's New Clothing Line ?!?

Madonna's New Clothing Line?


The buzz at New York Fashion Week is that Madonna is coming out with a new clothing line. Word is the singer is considering signing a deal to design and launch a contemporary women's collection for one of my favorite stores, Macy’s. The line would offer clothes, accessories, lingerie and shoes. Names being kicked around for this new label include Material Girl for the clothes and Truth or Dare for the lingerie and undergarments. If the buzz is true, her new line would be out sometime in the next year.

oxox Emily

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Who wore it...BETTER ?

Hey Everyone ,

This is always fun :) I love when I see stars wearing the same thing twice hehehe , it makes me feel like yes they are indeed normal :) So who do you think wore it better and which is your fav!!

RiRi got this one :)

Paris Hilton!!
I love the fact that I own this dress ;) I can't wait to wear it :) Personally , I think Kourtney wore this better and this is refreshing to see that they are actually wearing their line!
J-LO :) , though I love you Jennifer Hewitt!
Heeedddiiiii !!!
I love both these looks I think they rocked it and I plan to rock both these looks hahaha..I got a fab bf jacket from Ann Taylor n plan on buying another one from my store.
Hmmm RiRi again!(All images from Instyle)

What do you all think ?


p.s iPad coming out next month I'm psyched!!!!! :)

H & M 's Eco Friendly Collection

Hey Everyone,

It's Nikki here , I feel like I haven't written in the forever! I have been working since Friday and just got my first day off today :) I have to say that I can't wait till SPRING!!! This weather is making me sick argh! So nearly every store has their spring collection in the stores and its fun to see the colors hitting the stores.H&M recently announced the launch of "The Garden Collection", This will be an 80-piece collection created solely from sustainable materials like organic cotton, linen, recycled polyester and tencel, a wood pulp fabric. H&M say the collection is inspired from nature ( way to go GREEN :) ) The collection will be in stores March 25th 2010 , I for one will be looking forward to this. I can always find me something nice and reasonably prices in H&M. However , I kinda have drifted away from shopping soley at chain stores ( except WHBM of course hehe) I want to stand out when I go out not blend in !!! lol.

(image from Instyle)

My personal favs are the two dresses! I am trying to step out of my box and try wearing colors. The newest color in WHBM is PINK :0 love it.

What do you all think will you check out the collection ?


p.s iPad in MARCH , March around the corner woo woo can't wait!!! :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

We heart Victoria Beckham!

Fashion designer and former Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham is one of my favorite celebs. When I found out she was on the cover of Glamour's March issue I ran right to grab a copy. Of course her cover shot is gorgeous; I mean how lucky can a girl get to have her bone structure! But the article reveals Victoria is more than just beautiful, she is very down to earth. Her priority is her family (hunky soccer star husband David Beckham and her three boys) followed by her fashion line, Victoria Beckham Denim. She enjoys traveling, eating healthy and smiling. Yes, I said smiling- that's something we can all afford to do and it fits all sizes!! The article is full of fabulous pictures and tidbits. Too good to miss if you love Victoria like I love Victoria!!

oxox Emily

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In my shopping cart II !

Hey Everyone!!

So much going on its crazy! Fashion week is well underway , The Brit Award show in London and lastly Kim Kardashian is EVERYWHERE I look ! She and her sisters recently designed a line for bebe and while I haven't shopped at bebe in a while I must say am impressed with some of the recent stuff I have seen. I hate hate hate to admit it but I did buy something from the Kardashian line hehe..I mean and while I don't like a lot from this collection , I did like 2 or 3 things. Now the dress I got I absolutely love , I just got it today and it fits like a glove. I might however be removing the shoulder pad. They have 4 more collections coming out so looking fwd to seeing what they will be having. Kim also unveiled her new perfume at the 5th Ave Sephora store , where she was wearing one of her dresses and they had to shut down the street. Wow! on that particular article I read ( someone made a very interesting comment saying Kim doesn't act , sing , dance or play sports yet she is just famous. What do you guys think about that ? I agree that she is intense right now and with her show and Khloe marrying Lamar Odom of the LA Lakers the publicity is 100 for them right now!

Yes! So back to my shopping cart :) I went to one of my fav online boutiques The White Dress Shop . I love a ton of stuff from the White dress shop but so far I only own 3 items which will grow to 5 tomorrow lol. I have been looking for a One shoulder top thats cute , fun and will look great with skinny jeans. I want quality material that I can get a lot of use out of also , so when I stumbled on this top I thought I must have this! The two tops that I have gotten from the store have been made by designer Aryn K and I LOVE the two tops I love how they fit and are made of beautiful quality. This top I choose because in the spring I think it will look nice with a cute pair of boot cut denim of with my boyfriend denim with cute heels.

I am still looking for a nice long sleeve mini dress and I recently gave away 2 dresses and 10 pairs of jeans to my babysitters daughter and she was ecstatic! I felt great and was happy to see my true religions n 7 for all mankind go to use instead of just sitting in my closet. Ah the pre - pregnancy body however it means I can buy new jeans :D ones that fit and look just as good as the old ones. I have embraced my new body which isn't that bad lol I just need to tone up my tummy.

Here Kim is wearing a black dress from her line ( not too fond of it)

The Dress I bought $129 and I love it! plus of course I had a $25 coupon off so I got it for $109. ( I am all about saving) Do you guys think I should remove the shoulder pad ? :)

Hahahaha This is a bonus clip I saw this and just burst out laughing my hubby was looking at me funny lol....Lady Gaga is a serious trip! This is her at the Brit Award where she gave a very emotional performance in honor of Alexander McQueen ( R.I.P.)

Back to my shopping cart :) These are the two tops I plan on getting tomorrow , well the white one is a definite and then one arm pretty much I just need to make sure it will go nicely with what I have in mind for it.

****I plan to post about my client aka Kay she is amazing! I am so delighted that she didn't feel to embarrassed or shy about need my help. Most people wonder why would I need a personal shopper or a stylist , when I blog about her you will know why. It helps to have a consultant step in and help when you have a wedding or getting married , event ,special occasion to make u look right on point. Or you might just need someone to help you seasonally or year round. Plus my services are tailored to cater to every day people like you and me! So if you need help period contact you will not be disappointed I assure you!!!!***

Meeting w/Intern Thursday after all this weather can't wait!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fashion for Relief ( Haiti) - NY Fashion Week

Hey Everyone,

Happy V-Day :) , Hope everyone has a splendid day! Here is to doing at least one deed of showing love to someone else. Whether its your significant other , partner , family or friends that is what counts. The hubby and I will be going for a date night , and just enjoy a good day together with the kids.

Fashion week is going strong and there have been some amazing collections. I am so happy everyone is doing everything they can to embrace Haiti. It is has been incredible. From the 25th anniversary of "We are the world" ( Mj 1985) , several benefit concerts and to NY fashion week's fashion for relief its has been great!

Naomi Campbell was the brain behind getting people to come together for this wonderful cause. She also called on one of my fav stylists Rachel Zoe to work on this fashion show. She styled 92 of the girls that participated on this show. Victoria Beckham also took a break from working on her own line ( which I think is amazing! ) to help Naomi Campbell with the show. Men also rocked the runway and it was good to see Chris Brown helping in this effort ( a great cause) !

Each of the 92 looks will be sold on starting March 15th and proceeds will go to Haiti!


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Friday, February 12, 2010

R.I.P Alexander McQueen!

Hey Everyone!

It's been a long week and with all the snow I got down at my end , I am happy to finally be going out again!!! I will be running some errands and shopping for a client of mine that will be leaving for Rome in March :) Yesterday as some of us may have heard Alexander McQueen a popular fashion designer passed away. Though some people have cited his death as a suicide no one actually knows yet. This is a SAD time in fashion , I had blogged about some of his designs in the past and his fashion sense and style will be missed! A lot of celebrities took to their twitter yesterday to express their disbelief and sadness. I am not sure if they will still show his collection at NY Fashion week ( which started yesterday). Our hearts go out to his family and loved ones!

(all images from

Have a wonderful V- Day!!!


Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday :)

Happy Monday!

Hey everyone :) a new week has arrived woo woo. I'm patiently waiting till March , end of March to be exact so I can get my iPad! ;) I don't care what anyone says. It does all the things I need and being that I don't have an iPhone or iPod touch it would be perfect. I played around on my girls iPhone last night , I must admit if not for the dozens of contacts on my BBM I would have gladly traded my Blackberry for an iPhone.
I have been wanting an e-reader for a while now and to be honest I didn't even know it existed till I saw it on Onada's blog LOL.... I love reading books though, James Patterson , Jackie Collins , John Grisham etc. I am also looking for new authors to read , so the e-reader portion of the iPad made me one happy potential buyer :)
As we all know by now Who Dat Nation is ECSTATIC! Congrats to New Orleans!!! I mean as you all know ( or for those who don't) I am a SERIOUS Eagles fan , however we need to put in some serious work. We have been to the playoffs 8 times in the last 10 years and no SUPER BOWL WIN!! So when my teams chances were cut :s naturally I choose an alternate team hehe , which was the New Orleans. No offense to the Colts who I think is an amazing team as well , but New Orleans needed this more. Manning & Co already have one under their belt , heck the Eli and Peyton both have rings so I wanted the underdogs to have this.
As we should all know this lol , Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush have the spotlight this week. Literally every blog , gossip , entertainment website is talking about them lol. Last night after the Super bowl when my fav commentators on the NFL network were talking to Reggie and Porter of course Kim had to get her spotlight and lurk behind , they eventually called her up to speak. However , under her name they put "Model" Kim is no model , she is a reality tv star in my opinion who is riding the wave from her tape that made her so famous. I gotta admit though the girl has style so whatever rocks her boat lol.
Now for the rest of this week I plan to save at least $50 towards my savings challenge that I am taking part in over at Onada's blog. I have come up with my "wishlist" for 2010. I am always so busy being mom and wife , that sometimes I have little or no time for me! So I have decided to write down 12 of my absolute fav things I want this year and buy at least 1 item each month. Its time to take care of "Me". I will blog about every item I buy on my wishlist :) so stay tuned to see this months buy.
Lastly , I want to start a reader style watch! , I want you the readers to send me pictures of anything you think is fashionable or that you just love and I will post it up on my blog. I have my first one to put up soon. A friend of mine was shopping in Zara and saw the cutest trench coat. He sent me a picture and I plan to blog about it! Don't forget when you send it to me you have to tell me why you love it !

Other than that I will be working hard on my clients ,working at WHBM this week and think about what I will do for the Hubby this Valentines day :)

What will you all be up too this week ?


Friday, February 5, 2010


Hey Everyone,

It's Nikki here and can I just say TGIF!

This past Wednesday Fantasia was on Oprah! Yay! I loveee Fantasia , I love her powerhouse voice. I have had the pleasure of seeing her perform in concert before and I am looking forward to when she comes out with her new album. I hope she goes on tour because I will definitely be going to see her. She performed her new single "Even Angles" which I have already downloaded on itunes lol.
So I must give kudos to Fantasia's stylist because she is looking amazing :) and when looking at her shoes that day I was wondering why do they look so familiar ? lol I mean I don't own them ( I wish) but then I remembered that I saw the shoes while I was browsing the Neiman Marcus website with my mom when she was around and I fell in love those shoes! When ever does Christian Louboutin fail ? Never! one day I will own a pair though :) .


As I obviously can't afford them hahaha I will def be looking for a parallel universe to buy these from and will let you all know when I find a pair.

Don't forget to check out Fantasia new single "Even Angels" and her VH1 Reality Show!

(image from post and CL shoes from

I am also pleased to say that I will be starting two types of categories on my blog , I am going to have a readers style watch and a client lookbook! so excited so stay tuned.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

We heart PINK !

Hey Everyone ,

It's Nikki firstly, I have to say am SO SORRY! I have been working from our DE office all week and haven't had time to update our blog :) . I know all of us have seen the Grammy Awards but my intern wrote a great piece on PINK and I thought I should post it up :) LOVE PINK! Especially her very first album that was a hot one.

Our 5 Spring Must haves will be up this weekend! If you are expecting tons and tons of snow like I will be then stay safe , warm and come check out what you MUST HAVE for spring :) Now on to Emily below :)


Hi Everyone,

It's Emily!

Let's talk about Pink at the Grammys-

I was lucky enough to catch Pink's Funhouse Tour when she was in Philadelphia last year. It was wild, absolutely the best! Anyway, I was looking forward to seeing her at the Grammys. Wanted to see what she would sing and of course what would she be wearing! Pink did not disappoint me on the red carpet. Her crystal-encrusted Tony Ward Haute Couture gown and over $2.5 million-worth of Neil Lane diamond jewelry made her look Hollywood glam. During the show, her performance of “Glitter in the Air” (while wet and on a trapeze) was stunning. It also brought back memories of the concert where I watched her perform the same act in her finale. As I said, it was an unbelievable concert! At the end of Sunday night Pink went home without any Grammys, but her talent and style will always make her a winner to me and her many other fans.

Till next time!


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Monday, February 1, 2010

Let's talk Grammy Awards!

Hey Everyone,

Let's talk Grammys ! The Grammy awards took place Jan 31st 2010 , I was impressed , amused and disappointed at the same time. Lady Gaga cracks me up!!!! she is so hilarious with her eccentric , no sense making outfits but hey I guess we can agree that is her trademark LOL.
I was impressed with Beyonce's outfit on the red carpet but wasn't too impressed with the dress she later changed into ( however, I did like the outfit during her performance). Congrats to her because she won 6 Grammy awards , so kudos to her!!! . Miley Cyrus looked quite chic in her Max Azria piece that she wore , it is definitely my style. I was super impressed with how Jennifer Hudson looked! She is wearing a piece from Victoria Beckham's collection which flatters her in all the right places. Fergie looked amazing as well in the electric blue /cobalt color I liked it! Celine n Beyonce looked some what similar but I will take Celine's outfit over Beyonce just a tad bit too much chest for me :). Rhianna was wearing a gorgeous dress from Elie Saab who I just wrote a post on his fab spring 2010 collection. The beautiful white color looked amazing on her , got me thinking could I ever pull of white so fabulously ? If I do plan to wear any white dresses it will be from the The White Dress Shop , they have some affordable gorgeous pieces! Now , we have the big winner yesterday Taylor Swift kudos to her for winning the album of the year. I do think she is extremely talented , after all she sold like over a million records last year. I also plan on putting a few on my ipod , do you think she should have won album of the year ? Taylor Swift opted for a gorgeous Kaufman Franco dress it was age appropriate and looked stunning on her!

( all images from

For more pictures from the Grammy Awards head over to!

Did I miss someone you thought was dressed fabulously let me know :)


NYC!! :)

Hey Everyone,

This is Emily and as promised , I'm going to talk about my recent visit to New York. My friend Vicki and I went to New York City a few weeks ago to see a play and check out the stores. The play Wicked was amazing!! If you every get the opportunity to see it you should go. Who knew the characters from The Wizard of Oz were so complex! After our matinee we stopped by Macy's, Saks 5th Avenue and, just for fun, F.A.O. Schwartz.

Everywhere we went we saw hot, bold neon colors. Some of my favorites were Rachel Roy’s Draped Ribbon Dress in hot pink, Jimmy Choo’s cute Caesar sandals in neon yellow and pink, the Plasteramic neon watch collection from Toy Watch and Ray-Ban’s hot royal blue Propionate Aviator Sunglasses. Unfortunately I spent all my money on the play so I was only allowed to window shop. But I will be going back to the stores soon to buy something in neon. I believe the key to wearing neon colors is one piece at a time; no one wants to look like a neon sign. So, get out there and pick up a neon dress, shoe or accessory. Start soon and you will appear very fashion forward!

(images gotten from , and rachel ban)

Watch out for our spring must have list next week :)


Jersey Shore - Intermission :)

Hey everyone,

This is Kirsten with a brief intermission post :) and its for all of you Jersey Shore fans!! After mixed signals from Jersey Shore fans, whether they would like to see a 2nd season of the realty MTV hit series show Jersey Shore, it was just recently reported that the cast will be coming back to film a 2nd season. The cast has accepted MTV’s offer of 10,000 an episode after the cast rejected the initial offer of 5,000. Some natives of New Jersey aren’t exactly enthusiastic of the show airing a 2nd season by saying, “we don’t act like the way we are portrayed in the show by the Jersey Shore cast, we call them beanies!” What do you think? Did MTV get ripped off by offering the cast 10,000 an episode?

What did you all think of the Grammys last night ? We have a fun post coming soon.


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