Monday, February 1, 2010

Let's talk Grammy Awards!

Hey Everyone,

Let's talk Grammys ! The Grammy awards took place Jan 31st 2010 , I was impressed , amused and disappointed at the same time. Lady Gaga cracks me up!!!! she is so hilarious with her eccentric , no sense making outfits but hey I guess we can agree that is her trademark LOL.
I was impressed with Beyonce's outfit on the red carpet but wasn't too impressed with the dress she later changed into ( however, I did like the outfit during her performance). Congrats to her because she won 6 Grammy awards , so kudos to her!!! . Miley Cyrus looked quite chic in her Max Azria piece that she wore , it is definitely my style. I was super impressed with how Jennifer Hudson looked! She is wearing a piece from Victoria Beckham's collection which flatters her in all the right places. Fergie looked amazing as well in the electric blue /cobalt color I liked it! Celine n Beyonce looked some what similar but I will take Celine's outfit over Beyonce just a tad bit too much chest for me :). Rhianna was wearing a gorgeous dress from Elie Saab who I just wrote a post on his fab spring 2010 collection. The beautiful white color looked amazing on her , got me thinking could I ever pull of white so fabulously ? If I do plan to wear any white dresses it will be from the The White Dress Shop , they have some affordable gorgeous pieces! Now , we have the big winner yesterday Taylor Swift kudos to her for winning the album of the year. I do think she is extremely talented , after all she sold like over a million records last year. I also plan on putting a few on my ipod , do you think she should have won album of the year ? Taylor Swift opted for a gorgeous Kaufman Franco dress it was age appropriate and looked stunning on her!

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For more pictures from the Grammy Awards head over to!

Did I miss someone you thought was dressed fabulously let me know :)



  1. While I am not a fan of Taylor Swift, I did love that dress! Not that it would look anything like that on me, I loved the color and the sparkles of it! What woman doesn't love sparkles?

    Great picks!

  2. I'm sorry but my girl gaga got cheated. She deserved album of the year. I am boycotting the grammys:(

  3. Did J Hud just have a baby? Wow she looks fantastic post-pregnancy.

  4. Yes they all looked stunning.....You left out keri Hilson and Pink - They also had on fab outfits.

  5. I wasn't a big fan of the out Rhianna wore. If it was a little more simple she would have been stunning. Miley looked amazing in her dress, but her hair? Ugh, they needed to get extensions that matched! Lea Michele was my fav of the night. So young, cute and flattering!

  6. I want Leah Michele's dress! :D

    Check out my Grammy picks here.

  7. I didn't get to see all of it, but I did catch most of the outfits. I like your rundown. :0)

  8. Thanks Everyone for commenting! Check out Pink's performance

  9. Hey Nikki, I now follow both your blog. I did not like what Rhianna wore, I think it made her look big. Miley looked good in her dress, but she needed to put the hair back or something..Fergie looked the best dress and body.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and follow:)


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