Thursday, February 4, 2010

We heart PINK !

Hey Everyone ,

It's Nikki firstly, I have to say am SO SORRY! I have been working from our DE office all week and haven't had time to update our blog :) . I know all of us have seen the Grammy Awards but my intern wrote a great piece on PINK and I thought I should post it up :) LOVE PINK! Especially her very first album that was a hot one.

Our 5 Spring Must haves will be up this weekend! If you are expecting tons and tons of snow like I will be then stay safe , warm and come check out what you MUST HAVE for spring :) Now on to Emily below :)


Hi Everyone,

It's Emily!

Let's talk about Pink at the Grammys-

I was lucky enough to catch Pink's Funhouse Tour when she was in Philadelphia last year. It was wild, absolutely the best! Anyway, I was looking forward to seeing her at the Grammys. Wanted to see what she would sing and of course what would she be wearing! Pink did not disappoint me on the red carpet. Her crystal-encrusted Tony Ward Haute Couture gown and over $2.5 million-worth of Neil Lane diamond jewelry made her look Hollywood glam. During the show, her performance of “Glitter in the Air” (while wet and on a trapeze) was stunning. It also brought back memories of the concert where I watched her perform the same act in her finale. As I said, it was an unbelievable concert! At the end of Sunday night Pink went home without any Grammys, but her talent and style will always make her a winner to me and her many other fans.

Till next time!


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  1. I loved her performance!!!! If only I could do that

  2. I didn't watch the show but I watched a video of her performance... I LOVED IT!

  3. I second that emotion! I'm a BIG P!NK fan too I also saw her concert (Actually won tickets). She is a performer to the core. I love her sense of style and her Grammy dress...WOW! I didn't see her performance (fell asleep, LOL!)

  4. Pink's performance at the Grammys was absolutely fantastic. She looked beautiful as always!

  5. I love Pink! like what she is wearing on the red carpet. Didn't see the preformance i'll see if i can find it on youtube?


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