Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kelis WHY?

Hey Everyone,



(image from red carpet fashion awards)

This was my worst dressed for this week!


p.s Spring must have coming soon !

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Elie Saab Couture 2010

Hey Everyone!

I came across Elie Saab's Haute Couture show that took place in Paris yesterday. He is from Lebanon and I think his pieces are gorgeous! I love the colors that he has chosen. Dare might I add that the slit may be back :) I can already envision some celebrities in these dresses for the red carpet!

(images from

Enjoy !!!

SAG Awards!

Hey Everyone,

I am late I know :) however better late than never :) These are my favorites , what do you all think ?

(images from


p.s I'm happy Vera Wang and Jason Wu dresses are in the mix :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Meet The Interns! Kirsten & Emily!

Hi Everyone I’m Emily, one of La Mode’s new interns. I’m a senior at Rowan University majoring in advertising. This is the start of my final semester, only 116 days until graduation (not that I am counting or

I am really excited about my internship. Nikki is the perfect mentor; very organized and professional yet also funny and great to be around. I expect to learn a lot during my time here. Working for Le Mode will let me utilize my advertising and marketing knowledge in a field I love; fashion. My favorite designer is Betsey Johnson; her designs are over the top, but I love her use of color and her flair for whimsy. I own several of her bags and would love a few pieces of her jewelry. Attached is a picture of my favorite Betsey bag. Purchased from her store at the Pier in Atlantic City, this fun and wild bag is definitely me!

You know how some people love shoes, well I love handbags! Besides my Betsey bags, I own Dooney & Bourke bags, Michael Kors bags and, of course, quite a few Coach bags- see picture. Their Poppy Collection is amazing!! It’s bright and colorful and fun.

Personally, I enjoy traveling, hanging out with friends and family and having fun. I love my new iTouch, going to concerts and movies, photography and of course shopping.

I just returned from a trip to New York City, details next week.

Emily :)

My name is Kirsten Braun I’m 26, and I absolutely love fashion! I am very eager and excited to be working as an intern for La Mode. I have my associates degree in Marketing and I am currently attending school at DeVry University in PA working on my bachelors degree in Technical Management with a concentration in Small Business and Entrepreneurial ship. I started college at DeVry in 2008 with the intentions of graduating and then working in the marketing/entertainment industry. Even though I have always loved fashion I wasn’t sure if I could make a career out of it. After much thinking, I realized that because of my love to shop and my natural ability to pick out the latest trend and putting together outfits that are trendy but yet within my budget. What initially attracted me to La Mode was the fact that La Mode is in the fashion industry and that working for La Mode will help me gain the experience needed in order to pursue my career. Using the team approach I am sure that La Mode and myself can learn from each other and help La Mode grow to be a great success!

Till next week :)

Kirsten :)

Intermission :)

Hey Everyone!

It has been super busy for me in the last couple of days with work , La mode & my family. So firstly I would like to apologize to you guys because I haven't read or commented on blogs lately. I will do that as soon as I am done writing this post :) . So where do I start , my Interns are amazing! I am so excited about all they will be working on this semester. They have already started working on our first annual charity event. I will be posting their introductory blog posts shortly.La Mode has been doing great , we just got another Bridal client which is amazing! If you know anyone getting married or if you are or just want personal shopping advice La mode can HELP :)
The twins are growing sooo fast its mind blowing. The new things they seem to learn , do or say is so funny. It is such a delight to watch them grow , I'm so blessed. I think am going to increase how much I read to them daily because they love it when I read to them. I can't wait till it gets warmer though this weather sucks big time. This morning it has been raining like crazy already. Oh how can I forget the kisses they give to me through out the day priceless!
On a different note , GO SAINTS! :) woo woo I am so happy they won ! Although my main team is the EAGLES they didn't make bohoo !! I had to move on to my default team , which will be the SAINTS in the Superbowl. New Orleans post Katrina needs this to boost them up as a city. It was wonderful watching how they were celebrating in the streets when they won the NFC championship yesterday. I am a HUGE!! Football fan , I even took Superbowl Sunday off from work :)
The fashion world doesn't waste anytime spring is already hitting the stores! I plan to have a spring report for everyone later on in the week. With where to get the hottest spring pieces at an affordable price. Also we plan to come up with spring must haves as well.
White House Black Market is going well I love it there. I love my career in Fashion,especially retail fashion because I get to first hand connect with the people. I am a Sales Lead mgr now but I am thinking that I might want to climb up the ladder eventually. We plan to have a fashion show soon which I will be heading so that will be fun.

Well I feel like I have been talking way too much lol... So let me end here! I will post the Interns posts shortly. What have you all been up too ?


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kim K !

Hey Everyone!

I am loving Kim K relationship with Brian Litchenberg :) , I think she looks great when she selects his pieces to wear , what do you guys think ?

(image from Red Carpet Fashion Awards)

Meeting with the interns today , will post all about it this weekend :)

It's almost Friday woo woo!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden Globes 2010!

Hey Everyone,

The Golden Globes last night was amazing , I actually watched it and I was happy with some of the winners. I wasn't so happy that HOUSE didn't win their category though :( boo . I thought some of the dresses were amazing. Let's not also leave the men out of the mix some were dressed fresh!.

Enjoy :)

(images from and

Here are few pics of the after party that I thought were fun!

(images from

Have a happy MLK day !


Thursday, January 14, 2010


Hi Everyone!

It's almost Friday and a lot has happened! I was able to go away to Md to spend a few days with my mom which was great! On a sadder note Haiti as we all know ( and we all should know) was hit with a 7.0 earthquake! I am not Haitian but my soon to be sis-in-law is and it was agony for her! Thank God her family in Haiti is ok. On a larger scale life is short, we shouldn't take for granted the water, food ,shelter,money and much more we have for granted. The Pictures for this tragedy or mind numbing! If it is $2 or even $5 ANYTHING is better than nothing , also check with your companies to see if they are donating. My husbands company is matching their employees donations by doubling the amount. We donated $60 and they contributed $60 totally $120 , it is not a lot but it is definitely something. Lastly make sure when you donate , it is to a reputable organizations such as the red cross and YELE ( Organization by Wyclef.) It is unfortunate that it is a traedgy bringing us as a people to donate to Haiti ( which is one of the poorest countries in the world), but it is still better than nothing.

On a happier note , I am looking forward to seeing what the Celebs will be wearing on the red carpet this weekend for the Golden Globes! I would love to see Marchesa , Jason Wu, DVF and Channel.

Kate Gosselin got some hair extensions in which I'm loving! I think it makes her look fun, happy and youthful! I wonder if her stlye of dressing will change , though with 6 kids I can kinda imagine how tough it would be to get out. However, when she makes appearances this new hairstyle could give her some life!

(image from


Monday, January 11, 2010

Maternity Chic!

Happy Monday Everyone!

***WINNER of giveaway has been announced! Congrats to Amy Horton!! She has been contacted! If I don't receive an answer by the 24 hour time frame is up a new winner will be chosen! Thanks to everyone for their entries once I hit 200! I plan to have another one so stay tuned! I didn't think I would hit 200 so early in the year but you all have been fab!***

I had a fab weekend visit with my Mother who doesn't live in the United States. So it was fun to catch up and chit -chat most of the way. Plus she gave the twins a fab Christmas gift a lil something to put in their college funds/savings, which was definitely a plus.

Recently, I have seen Amy Adams stylishly pregnant puts a smile on my face :) Sure I don't know none of these stars , but when they are pregnant it seems so cute because they seem just like everyday people. So I decided to check out pics of pregnant celebrities or celebrities who had been pregnant.

Looking online I thought Heidi Klum ( as usual :D ) Hiedi Klum will be debuting two lines for pea in a pod in February . Since I plan on introducing a maternity package to La Mode , I will be looking out for that to hit stores.

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz looked gorgeous pregnant. I was also please to find that Christian Sirianto, A favorite winner from project runway has a maternity line to debut in the Spring I believe. I will be looking forward to that , I think he is a great designer. I have a post on him in the works.

Amy Adams is getting a custom made maternity wardrobe from Carolina Herrera for her ! I wish that would be awesome, if I had something custom made when I was pregnant! She has been seem a lot lately while promoting for her new film leap year , which just hit the theaters this past weekend.

And Lastly, of course Angelina Jolie stunned me in 2008 , when she was 6months pregnant with the twins and wore a beautiful Max Azria green empire dress. I thought it was a gorgeous choice and it flattered her just right.

Enjoy the pics!

Heidi Klum-

Christian Sirianto-
Ashlee Simpson-Wentz -
Amy Adams-(images from and celebrity baby bumps)

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

( image from

Bonus Clip** lol...ME

(image from La Mode)

Me at 6 months pregnant with my twin girls lol! We went to Orlando for a nice mini vacay!.

How was your style when you were expecting ? If you don't have kids yet , do you plan to stay stylish ? :)


Thursday, January 7, 2010

People's Choice Awards - Few Favs!

Hey Everyone,

After a very productive and fun first meeting with my La Mode interns! :) ( which I will post more about later.) I focused a little bit more on my favs from last night. I must say I was a tad bit disappointed , but I am reallllyy looking fwd to the Golden Globes on the 17th I believe. Seriously Diane Kruger , Taylor Swift and Olivia Wilde were my favs!

Diane Kruger is wearing a fab Herve Ledger Dress , Sorry not sure what Taylor Swift is wearing and Olivia Wilde who is rapidly becoming a fabulous fashion icon wore Monique Lhuillier.

(images from Just Jared)

If you watched the awards who, if any were your favs ?


Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Hey Everyone! ,

So I got an extra day off unexpectedly sweet! So speaking of NYE in my last post , I decided to briefly talk about one thing I personally felt was a MISS! I mean J-Lo looks amazing after having her twins! ( but which star doesn't after having kids) However , I think her stylist should have def choose something different for her to wear. Her ensemble kinda reminded me of the Avatar just without all the color lol.....

J-LO at the NYE in Times Square 12.31.09

Hit or Miss ? Let me know what you think!


P.S Don't forget to check out my GREATNESS post below for a sneak peak of whats in store for & La Mode...

Monday, January 4, 2010


Happy New Year Everyone!

I named this post Greatness because that is what I am working on for 2010!

I am refreshed and ready to go! , I have been reading everyone's blogs and their well wishes and I just love some of the blogging communities that I have found. I have so much this year that I'm looking forward too personally and with La Mode.

Firstly I would love to say a HUGE THANK YOU! to the amazing people who have taken the time to enter my giveaway its a fabulous giveaway! This year I plan to have at least 1 every 6-8 weeks or so , so please keep posted ... :) I am also working on visiting each of you that have blogs to become followers as well!! It's all about support!

My personal Goals include building a closer relationship with God! He blessed me so much last year, even when I was faithless and for that I am thankful. I also plan to be more organized!! lol and spend my time more effectively on my days off! I also plan to get in more date nights with the Husband and trying to spend wisely.

La Mode is already looking great so far! Some of my goals are to make my blog more interactive and I am also looking to upgrade the design :) and maybe moving to word press. To write posts often so you can look forward to coming on over!

I plan to hopefully have a certain amount of new clients :)

La Mode is going to have its first annual Benefit Concert /Fundraiser this year WOOOHOOO!!! I will be donating half of the proceeds to two charities LabakCare which provides health care and hope for the less fortunate kids in Africa and to Alex's Lemonade stand for Pediatric Cancer. Although I know no one who has been diagnosed with Pediatric Cancer it is something verrry dear to my heart!! So if you are in the PA,NJ,MD,DE Area this will be something to look forward to, or even if you live beyond the cause is worth it! More info in the next couple of months. I plan to make this annual event with a different Charity every year.

La Mode's Interns will be starting this week and I am super excited about that! I have so much planned for them.

Also look out because we will be introducing a maternity , post-maternity package & a kids package to our business!!!

These are a few of the things I am looking forward too :) If you haven't joined La Mode's mailing list, you can do so here to get informed of our specials , events , giveaways and much more.

So there is a little insight into what is going on in my head for this year!....

Now on to one of my fav subjects FASHION :) The red carpet is always fun and to kick it off this year Jan 17th is the Golden Globe ,People Choice Awards, The Oscars and the Goya Awards in February and much more...

Hope everyone had a splendid New Year's Eve!

Here is to greatness in 2010!

(image from


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