Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden Globes 2010!

Hey Everyone,

The Golden Globes last night was amazing , I actually watched it and I was happy with some of the winners. I wasn't so happy that HOUSE didn't win their category though :( boo . I thought some of the dresses were amazing. Let's not also leave the men out of the mix some were dressed fresh!.

Enjoy :)

(images from and

Here are few pics of the after party that I thought were fun!

(images from

Have a happy MLK day !



  1. ashley olsen's outfit is perfection! some pretty fabulous dresses all in all.

  2. I'm really impressed by the Olsen Twin! She looks beautiful in a bright dress that actually makes her look happy and not so gloomy. I love Halle's dress. And Sandra Bullock is rocking my fave color.

  3. Happy MLK Day to you! I was bummed I missed the award so thank you for posting it. Everyone looks fab!

  4. I thought Kate Hudson rocked it!

  5. Wow! Gorgeous, they are all so lovely apart from that last one.

  6. I especially loved Heidi and Mo'Nique

  7. wasn't the biggest fan of zoe, but i love some of the other looks... i also liked what jane lynch and jayma mays were wearing :) (im so behind on my golden globes fashion lol)


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