Friday, October 22, 2010

Away for a Minute :)

Hey Everyone,

Sorry I have been away its been a busy couple of weeks. It was my Birthday :) had a couple of shoots and been working relentlessly on LaMode's goals and looking up workshops to take.

2 New things have happened at LaMode :)

1. We got a new LOGO :) YAY!!!
2. We got our very first feature at the Fab Bride ( , which is an amazing resource for Philly Brides and Brides everywhere!!!! Please check it out!

We have a photo shoot tomorrow and 2 weddings in Nov! Fall Weddings are definitely making a come back !

Hopefully I'll have some pics up soon! Meanwhile check out our new logo fabulously designed by Amber Brien Designs.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jennifer !

Hey Everyone!

I just got some pics back from a fabulous bride I had this past Sunday.... she rocked a red lip and looked fab!!

Picture courtesy of Tiffany from Shoot me chic Photography


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