Monday, May 21, 2012


Has it really been 2 years since I posted and wow what 2years has brought...I am such a in place that is not quite settled but I am figuring it out. I have taken a huge break from LaMode and I am at the point where I am still figuring if I want to return and if I do in what capacity...I also just wrapped up my Paralegal degree and landed a job I love but doesn't pay highly lol but is great experience...I am single now and adjusting to life without a husband and being a single mom. I am battling with Law School or Masters. I took two weeks away from my part time job at White House Black Market because I know I need to regroup, revise my plan and focus. So for now this blog will be my release as I regroup and get things into perspective. :-) While there is alot of I have accomplished one thing I know period is that independence is my goal. I am so grateful for my girls, family and friends..God knew exactly what he was doing when he placed them in my life. While I navigate through the ups and downs and restructure LaMode I hope you will join me :)So often people tend to assume and create Thier own opinions and I'm so happy that I'm finally free from caring in the slightest way what people think... So enuff of that what's the first thing on my agenda............ LaMode of courseeeeee :)Should I return to LaMode which I am most likely going to do, LaMode will no more be known as makeup and style by LaMode rather it will just be known as LaMode Consulting!!! In my next entry I think I'll be ready to share some ideas with you:) Till Then, Optimistically Yours!!!!! Nikki xoxox

Friday, October 22, 2010

Away for a Minute :)

Hey Everyone,

Sorry I have been away its been a busy couple of weeks. It was my Birthday :) had a couple of shoots and been working relentlessly on LaMode's goals and looking up workshops to take.

2 New things have happened at LaMode :)

1. We got a new LOGO :) YAY!!!
2. We got our very first feature at the Fab Bride ( , which is an amazing resource for Philly Brides and Brides everywhere!!!! Please check it out!

We have a photo shoot tomorrow and 2 weddings in Nov! Fall Weddings are definitely making a come back !

Hopefully I'll have some pics up soon! Meanwhile check out our new logo fabulously designed by Amber Brien Designs.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jennifer !

Hey Everyone!

I just got some pics back from a fabulous bride I had this past Sunday.... she rocked a red lip and looked fab!!

Picture courtesy of Tiffany from Shoot me chic Photography


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Photoshoot 2 + Sneak peak.

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to post some more pics from our Photo shoot prep plus a sneak peak of a picture :)


Sneak Peek!

Model: Emilie Fiend , Stephenie Nesmith
MUA: Nikki - Makeup & Style by LaMode
Photographer: Anna Harty

**All pictures are property of LaMode , please cite when and if using pictures! For inquiries contact ,

Thank you!

Monday, September 27, 2010


Hi Everyone,

What an amazing weekend LaMode had!!! We had an unexpected Bride :) and our 1st photo shoot!!! Both went amazing , I am so thankful. Networking is so crucial, I am beginning to learn that in so man ways. One of the wedding planners, I had networked with on Wedding Wire has given me two clients and I plan to continue to network like CRAZY!.

Our photo shoot was our very first, I had never been to or organized one. To say the least it went extremely well for the first time around. I had another stylist on hand for assistance and she was amazing. K from was great! It was such a great help to have her their and she is also working her way into the Makeup Industry so I am sure she had fun. She did an amazing job of taking prep pics.

I plan on having another shoot in October and will be working with these two models I used.

I hate this new way of adding pictures on blogger where the codes show up after uploading instead of the actual picture lol....drives me nuts! Anyways enjoy and stay tuned for the final pictures from the shoot. I will post pictures from our bride this past weekend, but if you are not a fan of LaMode on facebook why don't you like us :) The Bridal pics are already posted :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hi Everyone,

This is just to let you know that I will be updating the blog after the photo shoot on Sunday!! Super excited.

I have decided not to post trial pics of my brides until after their weddings lol.

Nervous about the shoot though is to hoping/praying everything turns out well. My very good friend who is a photog as well I am hoping to get another shoot with her in as well....

Well thats pretty much it folks :) Stay tuned


Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Hi Everyone,

This is a short post! So excited :) LaMode Makeup is putting together a beauty/bridal shoot and we are extremely excited... The date tentatively is Sept 26th 2010. Model Mayhem was an extremely good source.

I planned on putting pics from a trial I did this past Saturday. I think I will wait till tomorrow when my Oct 3rd Bride comes for her trial tomorrow. Fingers crossed she will like it. :)

Hope everyone is doing great!


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