Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ri Ri...

Rhianna nowadays is featured in basically every style magazine for her edgy and of recent more edgier looks, which most of the time I think is hot and bold ! .. So my Hubby went to NYC for the weekend with his cousin and met up with his friend..So he comes home today and tells me he danced with Rhianna at the 40/40 club of course am like yea uh I went investigating lol. :) and low and behold I did spot Rhianna on her way to 40/40 9.20.09 , and something rare occurred...I realised I was not feeling her outfit :( . She had a Sheer bustier under a white shirt and gray leggings what do you all think ?

(taken by Jackson Lee Splash News & Pictures)

Oh but I still don't believe the hubby danced with her ;)



Friday, September 18, 2009

10 Very Essential Items Men Should Own..

Hey Everyone ... I did one for the Ladies and decided to let Men in on the essentials .. So after comparing lists and researching and I agree with the Men's Style Examiner ...I didn't even have to substitute anything! lol.

1. Classic White Shirt
2. Navy /Grey suit
3. Watch
4. Black Suit
5. Nice Fitted T Shirts
6. At Least 2 Sweaters
7. Polos
8. Tench Coat
9. Navy Blue Blazer
10. Grey Pants

n.b I personally think the Navy/ Grey suit is great because the blazer can be thrown over jeans as a great transition piece....

Alright guys leave your thoughts , HIT or MISS. I will be posting where these items can be purchased at fantastic prices.



Later on I plan to give everyone where they can purchase these items ...thats are fashionable and as a great price... and subsequently I'll also be posting sale and coupon info :) hopes this helps everyone!

Recessionista! ;)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Rachel Roy Collection!!

This morning I finally got that email that the new RACHEL Rachel Roy collection was available for viewing and PURCHASING! YAY!! .


Rachel Roy turned an internship at Rocawear into a classic-leaning, feminine clothing line that’s respected by critics and a favorite of celebrity stylist's. Roy launched the line in 2004 and has since expanded to full ready-to-wear and resort collections. Her uptown predilections are evident in every tailored skirt, embellished dress, and subtly sexy blouse. With a new venture into handbags, a diffusion line in the works, and plans to go global, Roy is arguably ambitious—and she might prove to be one of fashion’s few success stories.
Courtesy of NY Mag)Her RACHEL collection definitely adds a youthful nod to Rachel's signature design.. am loving all her pieces so far unique and so bold especially for the fall...I might just have to buy another pair of pants because her foil printed legging is very different and unique to me !!

Here are some more of her pieces that are unique to me and are making me totally starry eyed ;)

10 Very Essential Items Women should OWN! :)

I was stumbling through stylists different ideas and thoughts of what every women should own and based on that I came up with these 10 items put together by Tim Guinn ..except I added leggings and took out cashmere sweater.... what do you think is this reasonable ? I think so ...

1. Little black dress
2. Trench coat
3. Classic dress pants
4. White shirt
5. Jeans
6. pair of leggings
7. Skirt
8. Day dress
9. Blazer
10. An comfy alternative to a sweat suit

Share with me your ideas and what you think the top 10 items are :=) am eager to know !

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Leggings for the FALL!

I love the leggings that are coming out for the first I will admit I thought they were pants , because of the thickness ( another great attribute for all) lol...This is a must-wear fall legging in medium-weight black ponte and can be paired up with long tunics and sweaters. Its also a wonderful transition piece for your wardrobe to get you ready for fall...

This legging is featured from White House Black Market at $ 48 and I own a pair and can't wait to rock them this fall!

An alternative look could be the long over lean effect which is also another way to make a cute fashion statement!

"La Mode"

No time to shop!....Wardrobe outdated and a MESS!...Starting a new job...recent grad student transitioning into the work force....Get intimidated by pushy sales people or disappointed with lack of service! or Just not quite sure what suits you...well look no further..
La Mode is here to help...La Mode is the name of my Fashion consultancy business and I Nikki am the Fashion consultant :). I have several years of retail experience in the field and mgmt. I love to wardrobe people its so much fun and I guess you can say I have an eye for it ;) ...La Mode offers Personal Shopping, Special Occasions and Gift under those three great services is so much more. I offer these services for Female , Male and Kids ( for parents just to busy to shop).. I also offer closet makeover services :).My website is still under way and I plan to launch my website October 31st 2009, but in the mean time I decided to launch my blog to create awareness and to see whats really good in the fashion world and share the things I love and you too can share as well!!...I can also be contacted for further information!! so please contact me now for an initial consultation you wont regret it!


Monday, September 14, 2009


Firstly, let me just say am thankful and to God first! I am so new to this world of blogging ...but with unwavering support from my hubby..who really first pushed me...and to my wonderful mentor - Onada ( whom inspires me so hard)and family n Friends, I think this might just be the beginning of something special...

Well am sure you are wondering La Mode huh , it means Fashion in French...I love FASHION! woo woo...I currently work at White House Black Market and I must say coming from BCBG Max Azria was a huge step and at the time I thought a huge risk.I thought it was a risk because here I am leaving High end fashion and stepping down the ladder a bit...but may I just say It might have been the best decision for me. WHBM might not be HIGH End to the world...but men is it frist rate customer service, thier fab clothes which stick to the trend and can I just say thier jeans are out of this world =) but we will get to that...I love wardrobing my clients and that is leading me to a project I have in the works.. I have started my own BUSINESS!!! and I am so very excited! ( website coming soon :) ) and I'll get into in my next post...

so mainly my blog is going to be FASHION thru my own eyes :) and yours!

bear with me as I try to navigate thru this blog world.... and come back soon I won't dissapoint.! xxx


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