Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ri Ri...

Rhianna nowadays is featured in basically every style magazine for her edgy and of recent more edgier looks, which most of the time I think is hot and bold ! .. So my Hubby went to NYC for the weekend with his cousin and met up with his friend..So he comes home today and tells me he danced with Rhianna at the 40/40 club of course am like yea uh I went investigating lol. :) and low and behold I did spot Rhianna on her way to 40/40 9.20.09 , and something rare occurred...I realised I was not feeling her outfit :( . She had a Sheer bustier under a white shirt and gray leggings what do you all think ?

(taken by Jackson Lee Splash News & Pictures)

Oh but I still don't believe the hubby danced with her ;)




  1. hmm... I think her stylist might have been tired that night lol. She's rocking that lipstick though!

  2. I don't get the big white shirt and the grey boots, I am no fashion expert or anything but that big ole shirt just looks stupid


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