Friday, September 18, 2009

10 Very Essential Items Men Should Own..

Hey Everyone ... I did one for the Ladies and decided to let Men in on the essentials .. So after comparing lists and researching and I agree with the Men's Style Examiner ...I didn't even have to substitute anything! lol.

1. Classic White Shirt
2. Navy /Grey suit
3. Watch
4. Black Suit
5. Nice Fitted T Shirts
6. At Least 2 Sweaters
7. Polos
8. Tench Coat
9. Navy Blue Blazer
10. Grey Pants

n.b I personally think the Navy/ Grey suit is great because the blazer can be thrown over jeans as a great transition piece....

Alright guys leave your thoughts , HIT or MISS. I will be posting where these items can be purchased at fantastic prices.



Later on I plan to give everyone where they can purchase these items ...thats are fashionable and as a great price... and subsequently I'll also be posting sale and coupon info :) hopes this helps everyone!

Recessionista! ;)


  1. I think it's very very essential for a guy to own grey pants and a blazer. I also think you should throw in dark blue jeans. They are a great addition to the closet. You can wear them casually or for a cocktail outing with shoes and a shirt/polo

  2. Thanks for adding your two sense I totally agree with you !

  3. I agree with all that's been said. I'll just go into a bit more detail.

    With the sweaters, at least one of them should be V-neck. That way, you can wear it over a nice shirt, polo or T-shirt.
    Choose a nice colour, that will go with different items (Grey, Navy Blue). Make sure the fabric is Pima cotton, Merino wool or Cashmere, depending on your budget and the season.

    An omission here is a pair of Brown lace-up shoes. They go well with almost everything and are good for casual or smart outings.


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