Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"La Mode"

No time to shop!....Wardrobe outdated and a MESS!...Starting a new job...recent grad student transitioning into the work force....Get intimidated by pushy sales people or disappointed with lack of service! or Just not quite sure what suits you...well look no further..
La Mode is here to help...La Mode is the name of my Fashion consultancy business and I Nikki am the Fashion consultant :). I have several years of retail experience in the field and mgmt. I love to wardrobe people its so much fun and I guess you can say I have an eye for it ;) ...La Mode offers Personal Shopping, Special Occasions and Gift services...now under those three great services is so much more. I offer these services for Female , Male and Kids ( for parents just to busy to shop).. I also offer closet makeover services :).My website is still under way and I plan to launch my website October 31st 2009, but in the mean time I decided to launch my blog to create awareness and to see whats really good in the fashion world and share the things I love and you too can share as well!!...I can also be contacted for further information!! so please contact me now for an initial consultation you wont regret it!



  1. Love the idea. Love the new business. All the best my dear fashionista. Besides, I need ur services...

  2. I'm 20 pounds lighter and in need of a new wardrobe... let's talk biz =)

  3. @Bisi E. No problem we can definitely do business! :)

    @Ambrosia for 20 pounds lighter WE can def do business. Keep the hard work!

  4. Hey Nikki,
    You should make a button for your blog so that people can put it on their blogs to advertise your site and build backlinks. I'll definetly add it to my blog roll on 'Manda Blogs About.... If you don't know how to do it look at the "html tips" on my blog. I explain it all, step by step and it's not hard at all. Let me know if you make one and we'll trade.


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