Thursday, October 29, 2009


Hey Everyone,

I promise to do a post soon , well a full one at least! Watching the World series GO PHILLIES! :) but I had to quickly show you Alicia Keys she looked and sang fabulous in her performance. I loved the hot pink and her outfit reminded me literally of a New Yorker chic , chilling on the block :) We at La Mode lovesss it! Here is a pic of her , that she put up on her twitter page a few minutes ago. This was backstage before the performance!

Will be back tomorrow with a post on Chemise / Tunic Dresses ..I am loving them for the Holiday Seasons :).



Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We Love Mrs O! - Don't you ?

Hey Everyone,

Getting ready to zzzzzzz , and caught this pic of Mrs Obama who is the first "First Lady" to grace a Glamour magazine! Red is one of my fav colors and our first lady is wearing it in style!!

You go Mrs Obama , this is definitely a "HIT"



Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Style Icon Tuesday! - Tia Mowry

Hey Everyone,

From Sister , Sister to The Game! I love Tia ! I think she is super talented and gorgeous! :) She recently got married to Cory Hardict , her boyfriend of 7 years and she looked fabulous! What do you guys think ? I hope they bring the Game back for another season because I loved that show.

( all images gotten from the internet.)

On another note a lot of the holiday floor sets are taking place so I'm defintely going to share some of the new stuff hitting the stores!



Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wow My First BLOGGER Award.

Hey Everyone,

I had just got in from work about an 1hr ago when I checked out some recent comments on my blog. Can I just say that I was so surprised and HAPPY to see that I won a blogger award. I have been blogging less than 2 months & humbled Amanda over at "Manda blogs about" gave me a Kreativ award :) I guess my hopes in being slightly Kreativ with my posts are working .. The posts will get better :) Hopefully when La Mode's website is up and running it will be successful also ! Thank you so much Amanda!!! Now the rules associated with winning this award to keep it going are...

  1. Tell 7 things that you don't already know about me.
  2. Name 7 other blogs to receive this award
  3. Leave a comment on each of the blogs I nominated
  4. Thank the person who gave you the award.

1. I have the same birthday with my grandmother and when she passed away ( R.I.P) I used to get scared her ghost would come to me at night in middle/high school LOL.

2. I have rear ended one car before and it was my husbands! LOL. no one was hurt.

3. I am extremely nervous about my new business.. I am scared of not having any clients give me a chance to prove that I am GREAT at what I do :S ( but hopefully I wont )

4.My mother was pregnant with me while watching Ghost-busters she loved Sigourney Weaver , hence my middle name is Sigourney ( ewww) lol. I would like to legally change that name to my nick name Nikki.

5.I am a very emotional person & sensitive person.

6. I took off 2 semesters off school so it took me five and half years to finish with a degree I will never use. So am thinking of getting another bachelors or doing a certificate program.

7. I wish I was really good in math , computer & science subjects.

Well those are the 7 things :)

Now for the 7 blogs to recieve this award...

1. The look book by Onada who is insanely talented! She also owns a FAB! boutique called the White Dress Shop
2. Brenda @ Bridezilla ? I think not !!! Her blog is so interesting to me!
3. Mika's Closet check her out here. I think her giveaways are great!
4. Andhari because she has a great variety of topics! You can check her out here .
5.Rambling of a Fab Brunette her creative recipes
6.Bella Barbie .. I think her blog is great
7. Not your average stylista - Love her ideas and posts!

I read all these blogs like almost 3-4 times a week :) So I think they deserve this award! Well, now I'm off to let them know they have an award to pick up!

Till next time everyone!



Thursday, October 22, 2009

Only if I could pluck money off trees! II

If only! Hey Everyone,

The week has flown by it's already Sunday tomorrow ( worship time for me yay). I've been super busy , as I just got a promotion at my job! So excited. Training has been all week which has been going well, I'm now in management so a bit of a step up . The twins just seem to be growing and growing and it's a handful trying to keep up with them :). La Mode is coming along nicely! We are getting registered officially on Monday woo woo and website is looking good , we are also working with a potential bride and it feels great.

Well, on to my "Only if I could pluck money off tress II " Still having time to feed my eyes, I stumbled across some lovely things to sure with you. I think these are such cute items and if I see look-a-likes, I will be sure to buy them. In the meantime I might be saving for what might be eternity. Theses items range from $1200-$3800 so eternity might be just right unless the lottery calls me. I think out of these three items , the earrings would be my first pick. My favorite color and so me. I also want you to list a few things are in you're "only if I could pluck money off the tress" category :)

1. Valentino Rose Vertigo hobo - $2395
( , image from Instyle)

2. Herve Leger Exotic Beaded Dress - $3800 .
(Image from

3. Jamie Wolf Aladin earrings -$2800.
( , image from Instyle)

Don't forget to list some of your wants :)

The $50 giveaway is still going on till Oct 31st 2009 11:59pm , you can enter below on the posting tagged "giveaway"

Till next time


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Slim Belts- Oh La la :)

Hey Everyone,

I was going through my wardrobe , looking for something to wear to an event next week. I came across my BCBG gold slim belt! I have to admit I wasn't a fan of them for some time but after, I tried a couple a while back I was like oh la la don't I look slimmer! Two of my close girlfriends had already bought that belt which prompted me to try it on. This is a perfect staple or add on piece when you are wearing a sheath dress , sweater dress and a pencil skirt /blouse combo. I also really love the slim belts to wear over a cami / sweater combo for a clean sophisticated look.
Also Slim belts are what I like to call a "transitioner" ( my made up word ) :) . I call it this because for the work day its a professional chic staple, for just a casual day out its cute and during nighttime it's a definite waist defining belt that brings out an equally chic look. So whether you are going to work or leaving work for a nice happy hour with some friends or dinner, it's a great staple piece to have. An added bonus is come fall , winter, spring or summer its a winner! :)

Here is a pic of slim belts I found on Instyle & some others from J.Crew ranging from $24-$30 , Forever 21 $5.80 & BCBG $158. In style's website has a great selection ranging from $5 and beyond :).

Image from

Till next time which will be soon :) & don't forget the giveaway is on till Nov 1st , check out the giveaway posting.



Monday, October 19, 2009

Style Icon Monday - Sophia Bush!

Sophia Bush is definitely one of my fav style icons! She is always and I mean always dressed tastefully. She dresses according to the style that is just right for her and no one else . If she has a stylist I want to know and get a few tips pronto!. I have been following her different trends since 2001, when One Tree Hill had its pilot episode. Sophia Bush over the past 8 years has evolved and never disappoints when she steps out. From her casual look to her dressy look she is always right on point. You can always catch her in Herve Leger dresses by Max Azria which are my favs (and will be in my price range one day :) ). As well as various other Max Azria pieces ( she is such a loyal fan :) ). Recently, Sophia and Selena Gomez presented Max Azria with the Fashion Visionary Award . Check out some of her pictures in outfits that I think are hot! :)

(Pictures from

You can also catch Sophia Bush who plays Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill Monday nights @8pm she always looks fab!


P.S Don't forget to enter the $50 giveaway sweepstakes in the posting below! Good Luck! XX

$50 for FREE :) !!!!!

Hey Everyone :)

It's Monday the beginning of the week and what better way to start with a chance to win some cash! I am giving away a $50 American Express gift card and you don't have to buy anything ;).
To enter this little giveaway all you have to do is...

1. Join Facebook Fan Page & Invite your friends to join also.
2. Invite your friends to the Facebook fan page ( if you are already a fan).
3. Reply to this posting with your name confirming you have done the 2 above.
(I have a link on the right side that will take you straight to my Facebook fan page.)

For those of you who are not on Facebook , you can simply leave your name and follow my blog :)

I will be picking 1 lucky person on November 1st 2009. ( I might even make it 2 people so the chances are very high people! ) So get to inviting people and leave you're reply on this post with your name ! :)

( Uk residents will receive a 45 pound gift card)

In these times, nothing wrong with a little extra cash right ? Especially to get you into Holiday mode shopping.

GOOD LUCK Everyone!



Wednesday, October 14, 2009

4 Do's & Don't Over the Knee :)

Hey Everyone ,

So I was looking for some brief and straight to the point tips for the over the knee boots and I liked this particular article that I was reading on the internet. I added somethings and took out something that I thought didn't really apply. ( Original article by Tichanda Thompson)

  • Casual or Dressy: Knee high boots come in flats and varying heel heights which allow a number of pairing possibilities. Flat boots can be dressed up with sweater dresses, short skirts, boyfriend cardigans, vests, tunics, and blazers. High Heeled boots can be dressed down with skinny jeans, tees, leggings, and motorcycle jackets as well as the military style jackets w/ tees
  • Keep everything in proportion: Everything tends to look better on long legs but shorter frames can pull off the look if you pay attention to lengths and heights. If you are short - add a heel to elongate the leg and don't go to high on the thigh. Stay close to the knee so that you have room to show off a little skin. Try a skirt or shirt that falls just below the butt without revealing too much. Also break up the look and draw the eye upward with cropped jackets, mini skirts, belts, and accessories so you don't look too bottom heavy.
  • Wear solids or basic : Too many colors and prints can be an overload with such a strong statement piece. Try monochromatic looks, or solids that complement your boot instead of compete with it.. These boots can go from chic to costume-y very quickly if you are not careful
  • No Leggings : There is no need to wear leggings, tight, or panty hose with these boots because only a small portion of the leg will ultimately show. However - leggings can offer a pop of color, or a safety net if a top or skirt is a micro mini.
Pulling this look off Ladies its all about how you rock it !!

Beyonce and Halle Berry


Hey Everyone,

FALL is definitely here and the boots are in and here to stay ankle or knee length ,flat or well heeled , war or fuzzy ,or just flat out chic n trendy this season its all about the boots. I picked up a couple of magazines from the store yesterday. The most dominant thing that I noticed is that boots are everywhere and on everyone. The over knee boots are looking really hot right now! I also noticed that the riding boots are also making waves this season. For me I am not a big fan on the riding boots because I feel I look funny in them lol. However , they look fabulous on other people :) . I think that with casual boots you can never go wrong . Feeling comfortable while staying chic at the same time is always a plus. Flats are always a good way to go because you can easily transition from day to night, however , nothing wrong with a heel ( a chunky hell as well) for a casual look to take you into the nighttime.

As for the over the knee boots I am loving them , I might actually attempt to try on a pair. I think they might look nice on me :) . You can't go wrong they are sexy yet spophistcated and very versatile . Sophisticated with a dress , especially a cute sheath dress or jeans ( tucked in or out) it provides that "it" factor to your outfit. You look chic and edgy at the same time , a wedge heel or platform is also in for the fall as opposed to the stiletto heel :) The do's and dont's of over the knee boots to follow :)

Here are a few pairs that I think are FAB!

In order starting from the top Over the Z boot , Jessica Simpson's Angie and Jonas respectively, Guisppe Zanzotti Flat boot , BCBG Flat boot , Rock n Republic "Kenna" and Roberto Cavalli .
( all pictures are taken from and

One last thing for the people on a budget you can look just as FABULOUS! :) Target offers some brands too that are cute and fashionable and have great reviews. Check

Till next time,



p.s Happy Birthday to me :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Brief Intermission! "La Mode"

Hey Everyone !!

Firstly , I would just like to say a BIG thank you to my hubby and all my friends who have been so supportive am so grateful for the encouragement.
It is already the end of the weekend and boy did the weekend fly by. I'm currently working on several posts , but the two closer to being done are outerwear for men and boots for the fall. I lovee some of the boots I have been checking out in the magazines and decided to do write about it. However, I decided to write a bit about La Mode's progress, my new business that I'm starting. I am soooo proud to say we will be officially open Nov 1st 2009. It has been so much work , I never quite envisioned that it would be like this. So right now we are on the working hard to bring our clients a polished , clear and professional website. Many many thanks to Dara Osibo who has been keeping up with my countless Skype sessions on discussing the website I am so grateful. La Mode is going to be in full capacity and ready to offer their clients who are local , out of state and even international phenomenal service! I can't wait for potential brides to see the pampering they will receive through our services and even our virtual services. Although La Mode will be officially open Nov 1st , I have already started working with few clients. I just finished working with our first client and she was so open minded and a great spirit. I can't wait to see the pictures in her fabulous outfits for the style thats just right for her!
Just to give you a sneak peek behind the sweepstakes , I will be giving away a $50 American Express gift card away to the person who invites the most friends to join my facebook fan page , follow La Mode on twitter and replies to the sweepstakes posting :) . In these times I think someone will really appreciate that $50 , I know I would :) So be on the lookout everyone , well thats all I have for now folks and will be giving another update mid October!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Outerwear! -Coats :)

Hey everyone its almost FRIDAY :)

With fall literally here we are all checking out ( if we haven't already), the outerwear that will be right for us. To keep us warm, toasty yet chic and trendy. I've been checking out outerwear literally every where and have narrowed it down to a few that I really love! The outerwear featured below is from Zara , J.Crew , Rachel Roy & The White Dress Shop . The hot pink hooded coat is from Marc Jacobs Fall /Winter 2009 ready to wear collection. I completely love his collection and will likely be featuring some of his beautiful pieces in a later post.

I definitely LOVE the military outwear look. I actually just purchased a jacket similar in style from WHBM. I'm leaning possibly toward the Zara and the Rachel Roy Coat for now but....
I am still indecisive as to what I will wear more this fall. Will I be more Trench or more Wool Coat ? I am usually trench but this fall maybe I 'll go for a coat instead.

What will you be wearing more ?


Rachel Roy



Sonia Rykiel


Marc Jacobs I love! :)

Some other fun places to check out are Topshop ( UK), Banana Republic, Express , Nordstrom , White House Black Market & Urban Outfitters.
Let me know how your search going or what you purchased :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Stlye Icon for the Week :) - Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Hi everyone! I stepped outside today and it was definitely CHILLY. Fall is HERE and its bitter sweet for me. I love the fact that my birthday is literally next week!!! :) I also love that I can bring out the leggings and tights :) , but I will miss not having to wear a jacket or coat. On the brighter side , I have seen some very cute coats, jackets and sweaters.
I have decided to do a weekly style icon that I love. Today I'm starting it off with Jennifer Love Hewitt for this week. I LOVE her show Ghost whisperer of which I am a true fan! . I have the show recorded every week even if I am not going to miss it. Some of the reasons why I like Jennifer's style is because its classy and trendy. She really ( or her stylist) knows what is the right fit for her body. On her show her outfits always got me thinking "Where can I get something like that! " The colors compliment her skin and she definitely graces the Red Carpet nicely.

( all pictures are taken from the internet.)

I love her black ensemble, which was on the set of Ghostwhisperer. Her dresses are also fabulous! :) Catch her show on CBS Friday nights! :D

Do you have any style icons you love do share :)



Friday, October 2, 2009

Sigh if only I could pluck money off the tree :)

I know its been a while since I last blogged , but that is the result of having no internet for a week!! I am so GRATEFUL to be back on the network lol. So after a wonderful dinner my family had with 2 of my fav couples , I decided to come and catch up on all I have been missing. While on Instyle's website I saw these and I at that moment I thought if only I could pluck money off trees!!! :). Check them out are they not FIERCE. ?! Loves it!

These CL 5inch heel Sling backs are definitely the "IT" factor I mean to say I would feel anything less than fierce in these would be an understatement :) I am already envisioning this is my wardrobe.....

$2,830; at

Personal Shopping/Special Occasions/Gift Services