Monday, May 21, 2012


Has it really been 2 years since I posted and wow what 2years has brought...I am such a in place that is not quite settled but I am figuring it out. I have taken a huge break from LaMode and I am at the point where I am still figuring if I want to return and if I do in what capacity...I also just wrapped up my Paralegal degree and landed a job I love but doesn't pay highly lol but is great experience...I am single now and adjusting to life without a husband and being a single mom. I am battling with Law School or Masters. I took two weeks away from my part time job at White House Black Market because I know I need to regroup, revise my plan and focus. So for now this blog will be my release as I regroup and get things into perspective. :-) While there is alot of I have accomplished one thing I know period is that independence is my goal. I am so grateful for my girls, family and friends..God knew exactly what he was doing when he placed them in my life. While I navigate through the ups and downs and restructure LaMode I hope you will join me :)So often people tend to assume and create Thier own opinions and I'm so happy that I'm finally free from caring in the slightest way what people think... So enuff of that what's the first thing on my agenda............ LaMode of courseeeeee :)Should I return to LaMode which I am most likely going to do, LaMode will no more be known as makeup and style by LaMode rather it will just be known as LaMode Consulting!!! In my next entry I think I'll be ready to share some ideas with you:) Till Then, Optimistically Yours!!!!! Nikki xoxox

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