Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Long Sleeve Mini Dress

Hey Everyone,

Black Friday was crazy at my job! good thing for us I was busy styling away! Even today it picked up right as I was getting ready to leave. It was funny because their was a bit of commonality to what people happened to be looking for today. They wanted a dress a nice short length but wanted long sleeves. Which should'nt be a surprise as it is getting cold right , thankfully we had some cute mini sweater dresses as well as nice mini dresses with long sleeves. I love the long sleeve mini dress because it provides the coverage for your arms and with your legs , tights do the trick. However , in the spring you can wear without the tights and still feel comfortable. I found a cute picture from In style of Jennifer Aniston in a such a cute dress and a nice affordable alternative for under $100 from

(image from In style magazine)

For more fabulous finds check out topshop .

What do you guys think and how was your Black Friday if you went shopping ?


Thursday, November 26, 2009

La Mode is LIVE & Officially OPEN!

Hey Everyone,

How was Thanksgiving ? Yummy I hope :) Mines was , I enjoyed the evening with wonderful my wonderful family.

Moving on ,I am so excited & thankful to God that La Mode's website is DONE!!! It has been such an amazing effort put forth by my very dear family friend that worked tirelessly on my website. I am completely satisfied with the finished product of my website currently . He was patient with my endless calls , emails and rants. I am proud to say that La Mode is OFFICIALLY open for business, I wanted to establish a styling based service were everyday people like you and me could enjoy such. I do want to thank my Husband , family and my friends who have supported me 100%. I also want to give a special shout out to the very talented Onada who is not only a very dear friend of mine but one of my inspirations who led me to really push ,challenge and believe in myself to pursue my passion of styling & wardrobing. I am so grateful!

I have to thank my wonderful clients so far , for taking a leap of faith in La Mode even before our official open ! I promise not to disappoint you!

For any of my new readers ( welcome :0 ) La Mode is a fashion consulting business aimed at helping you with all you're styling needs. When I say styling needs I mean the style that is just right for you and no one else. Whether it is personal shopping services you need , special occasions such as weddings ,engagement sessions, milestone birthdays or photo shoots La Mode can help . In addition to that we can also look for the stylish location for your special event. We also have fantastic vendors that we trust that we can refer you too. Lastly whats an event without the finishing touches ? :) Once again La Mode can look for all your gift/favor solutions from the ordering to assembling to delivering! La Mode will also take care of all your gift packaging solutions such as wrapping , the tissue , labels , gift boxes & much more.

We offer all our services virtually so if you don't live in the area that is no obstacle La Mode will get the job done! ( However traveling is an option.)

Men are also welcome to any of these services!
As I finish with some of my clients and projects I will be posting them along as I go. So please check out La Mode !

For any additional information , questions ,comments or concerns please email La Mode at

I'll be back soon with a post!

Thanks Everyone for stopping by!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!! ( & a nice Sale)

Hi Everyone! ,

I will be busy preparing for Thanksgiving tomorrow :) I just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving. I personally have a zillion things to be thankful for! So have fun enjoy your family , loved ones & Black Friday ;)

(image from internet)

Thank you all for stopping by!!! :)


p.s The White Dress Shop will be having a fabulous thanksgiving sale ! %40 off everything for three days starting Friday I believe! One of my fav places so check it out.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Natalie Portman!

Hey Everyone!

Hope the start of the short week is looking good :) So I caught the Red Carpet for the AMA Awards last night , to be honest nothing really caught my eye or wowed me. I thought Nicole Kidman looked gorgeous in a Balenciaga dress. However, Natalie Portman at the cinema society screening of her upcoming movie Brothers , wowed me in this cute Jason Wu ( love Jason Wu) cocktail cobalt dress with a teal waistband! I love the fact her shoes are purple as thats my favorite color. She was able to add a splash of color with her clutch and get away with it! :) What do you guys think ?

(image of instyle,com)

Incase any of you get to stop by this week have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!! :)


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Accessory Report :)

Hey Everyone! :)

The weekend that gets here so slow is fast leaving us :s However, I had a fabulous friday I got to see NEW MOON! Yes yes I am one of the "twi-moms" that contributed to the $72.7 million that they did! Now don't get me wrong I love the twilight story but Dark Knight is wayyyy better and I think should hold its spot but hey its a win-win situation for me :)

Well, moving on , today I was inspired from my doing a bit of Christmas shopping for my friends. New York & Company is having a fabulous accessory sale buy 1 get 1 %75 what! I was on it. I got some stuff for me as btw ;)

So when I got home I started browsing the net , catching up on some style reports in my inbox and I found myself at Polyvore ;) and just created a set of accessories that caught my eye! I recently just stumbled on Polyvore...yes yes I know it's old news but so what! I will be having a lot of fun creating all sorts of outfits or things that I love and share with you all on my blog.

Below is my first set of accessories that I fancied lol.

Kenneth Jay Lane Crystal-embellished bracelet
H&M Shop Online
Bow Stud Waist Belt
NEWS - GIVENCHY - Givenchy Necklace Pearls bei jades24
Erickson Beamon Blade Runner Swarovski earrings
Erickson Beamon Swarovski crystal multi-chain necklace
Juicy Couture Bow Pave Studs - Silver
Cluster Jewel Cuff by Fenton, Bracelets, Kabiri Jewellery Store

(All images created by in my set via polyvore)

When it comes to accessories I love fun and bright pieces , jewelry can really make a statement and provide the "BAM" factor :) or it could be subtle and just compliment your outfit. Recently at work I had fun styling this lady who was going for her 25th reunion. We choose the dress which was a plain black tunic dress, by the time I got done accessorizing her she got the necklace , earrings ,clutch & shoes :) . It looked great; she was so pleased that she said she was going to wear it to her Husbands work holiday party. Talk about versatile , you can always be versatile with your outfits and changing up you're accessories will help you do just that.

Thanks everyone for stopping by!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Intermission :)

Het Everyone,

Quick intermission post :) You before anything else I am a MOTHER :) So I had to blog about this fabulous giveaway over at Theta Mom even if you aren't a mom this could be a fantastic gift for your lil loved ones. She is giving a way Leap Frog Leapster & I believe two games to go with it ( not sure though so check)

So go on and check it out and good luck though I hope I WIN lol :)

Don't forget to check the question I have for you all below in my "Nicky Hilton" post!

I have been taking note of people's thoughts so far THANK YOU :)



Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nicky Hilton + A question :)

Hey Everyone,

I have been having such a productive day today :) I wanted to share a recent outfit Nicky Hilton wore that I loved! She is dressed in black and white from head to toe, but it's the edgy yet a simple look that I love.

(image curtsey of

Nicky is wearing a layered a tuxedo look a-like jacket over a striped tunic and added platform heels, a patent bag and a Chanel necklace with her sheer black tights. She was attending her sister's Beverly Hills launch of the "Paris Hilton hair and beauty line" I love the tuxedo look , there is something tailored about it, that I think is insanely chic. I love the long necklace because it's not too much or too little, plus it adds that finishing touch. I think this is a great day to night look.

I'm thinking of buying this gorgeous winter white shawl collar jacket or this black tuxedo jacket. How I wish I could buy them both!! :) My wardrobe has been going thru a makeover because post pregnancy self doesn't agree with my pre pregnancy closet lol. The winter white one would be stepping out of my box. The black is something I would usually go for anyway, I tried both of them on already and they fit perfectly. Ok people so which one you think ?

(images curtsey of WHBM)

I plan to make a purchase soon and I would love your input !



Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kristen Stewart!

Hey Everyone again :)

I know I just wrote a post hehehe , but honestly last night I watched the live stream of the New Moon premiere and can I just say that thankfully Kristen Stewart did NOT disappoint last night :) Especially since I wasn't feeling her lil outfit at a publicity event in Spain.

Kristen is wearing a gorgeous Oscar de la Renta gown , Kristen Stewart usually to me has such a nonchalant attitude about her dressing. So I was very excited when she opted for a feminine tulle gown with a spider web-inspired layered embroidery. She looks very sophisticated , so I will be giving her stylist kudos for getting her to look beautiful! The dress also flatters her body. I am wondering tulle is everywhere when it comes to the gowns , and I'm not surprised tulle adds a nice femininity and elegance to a dress. As I said in my earlier post "intermission" am looking forward to New Moon. Yes, I did think she could have acted slightly better in Twilight but I love her for Bella. In her the many interviews that I have seen her in she is awkward and perhaps shy, so its great to see her in this gorgeous gown.

So who is going to see New Moon this Thursday ???

Intermission :)

Hey Everyone,

Sorry I didn't blog sooner , has been a bit hectic for me. I have been working a lot lately and really concentrating on La Mode's website. I also as you know have the twins who are growing at such an alarming rate lol. It is so hard to keep up with them. My husband is another baby I have to take care of :). So I have decided to do something a little different with my blog. As I just started about 2 months back , I want to once every so often blog about other things exciting to me or just about life in general. I still breathe fashion :) don't get me wrong , but I have realized not everyone breathes fashion and I would love to appeal to them also.

So moving on am off till Friday woo woo !! So am looking fwd to NEW MOON on thursday!!! Where are all my TWILIGHT fans ? I can't wait am so excited , although new moon was my least favorite book because I'm TEAM EDWARD all the way ;) . I will be looking fwd to see what they added to and removed from the book. So that will be a nice date night for my hubby and I :).

Today and tomorrow I plan to spend some time with my babies and social media hehehehe...I think I might be slightly addicted to social media hence why I might plan it. I read this interesting blog post on how you can plan your social media life. For example I plan to religiously blog Mon, Wed & Fri and have an intermission post at least once every two weeks. This will be effective today :) . I am going to catch up my HOUSE M.D which I love :) sigh lol... I have already caught up with one of my close girlfriends have a few more to chit chat with and then of course do some Laundry ( which I have already started hehehe)

The twins have of course had breakfast , played with each other , fought with each other lol...and tried very hard to get ahold of my juice and chips ( bad breakfast I know ). We have done the Hanny Manny & Mickey Mouse. Now am looking fwd to their nap already hehehe.

I have a very exciting event that I will planning for La Mode early next year! so I will keep you posted as soon as I map out the details well :) . Now La Mode's website is coming everyone! It was originally supposed to be up Nov1 but unfortunately a lot of technical difficulties have occurred so hopefully we will be up and running soon:) but in the meantime I am working with three brides next year . I am so blessed to not be officially open and already have 3 brides next yr , one of them is my dear friend which I will be responsible for finding fabulous hair accessories , the other 2 I will be doing their favors and my last client isn't a bride but I did some styling for her via virtual consulting!.

Well that's all for now folks :) Jimmy Choo premièred their line for H&M and due to work couldn't check out the pics from the event or shoes from the line so I will be doing just that! :) I had mentioned it a while back on my FB Fan page so eager to see what its all about!

Have a great day everyone and thanks for stopping by!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Everyone is getting "SEQUINED" out :) BAM!

Hey Everyone,

As always the holidays are fast approaching and I love all the holiday styles I have been seeing so far. One thing that is making a statement are the sequins! I am noticing that every store or designer has something with sequins on it. I must say people are so creative cos some of the designs are amazing!. At White House Black Market we have already started getting some peices that are sequined ( my word : =) ) out ... Personally I love this tank and will be purchasing it , its a very versatile piece.

(Image from

Sequins are fun for your cocktail, holiday parties and nighttime affairs. They are bold and when worn right add the "it" factor to your outfit. Not only tops , dresses ,pants and cardigans have sequins on them now. Accessories such as shoes , belts and handbags are also a good look to add on to your outfit. Even if your outfit doesn't have any sequins on it your add on pieces will carry the look from day to night.

(image from

This year and moving on I'm all about stepping out of my box and comfort zone so sequins will be in my closet this year and hopefully some of my clients! :)
I got a few of my favs...and of course I just have to show some fab Herve Ledger dresses from Max Azria. :)

J. Crew Sequin Cardigan
Herve Ledger Gold Sequin Bandage Dress

Herve Leger black sequin dress

Back view of the sequin top in outfit below from

Sequin dress from

(all images from

So there you have just a few out of my thousands of favorites :)

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! Drive Safe in this nasty weather!

Thanks for stopping by.



Wednesday, November 11, 2009

CMA Awards Best Dressed - In my eyes :)

Hey Everyone,

Been such a hectic day in my household that I 'm just getting a min or two to myself, while everyone sleeps. The CMA ( Country music awards) was on last night , I only caught a bit of the red carpet ;) I have to say I saw some gorgeous dresses! Although I'm not a huge fan of country music I do like a few songs that catch my attention every now and then. I had 3 favorites at this years awards which were Carrie Underwood , Taylor Swift & Jennifer Nettles. Carrie Underwood was the host this year and was supposedly to change 9 times ( don't know if that actually happened) . Taylor had a big night and won 3 out of 4 of her nominations, kudos to her I think she is great. Some of the other country stars looked amazing such as Reba who co-designed her own dress.However, I have to say I loved these dresses below.

Taylor Swift looked gorgeous in this strapless sweetheart neck lined gold embroidered sequin gown with a tulle skirt by Reem Acra , I love the detailing on this dress and think it flatters her body nicely!

Carrie Underwood looks stunning in this platinum jeweled Theia gown. Which didn't last the whole night because she changed :) but I love this once again the detailing is intricate and fab!

Sugarlands singer Jennifer Nettles looked slim n trim in this flattering Luisa Beccaria strapless navy gown. I love the little tiered train, it a simple yet elegant look. Not too much but not too little !

(all images from

I wonder if one of my fav stylists Rachel Zoe was behind any of these looks I'd have to find out :)

If anyone watched the CMA's in full what were some of your fav outfits if any ?.



Sunday, November 8, 2009

A little bit of this and that :)

Hey Everyone,

Firstly, I'd just like to take a time out to welcome my new readers :) woo woo...noticed that I have had a few. So I just wanted to personally say welcome and thank you for checking my blog out. It's been so hectic this weekend , but equally soo much fun! How was everyone's weekend ? I hung out with one of my closest gals! We had a fabulous time at a bridal shower she planned for her cousin's fiancee. Congrats again to them :) she also surprised me with a little gift that I totally adore! :) A cute Aryn K royal blue blouse ( from her online boutique the white dress shop) which is going to go perfect with a pair of black jeans I just purchased at White House Black Market!

See the top below :)

Click here for more fabulous pieces from the The White Dress Shop.

Ok so now that I told you a bit about my weekend , I wanted to shed some light on Lela Rose. I think her collections are amazing! Resort 2010 is already underway as people are going to look for some great and unique pieces to have when they go on vacation. All these pieces are fun , bright and modern! Her designs are clean and refreshing , they will transition nicely from day to night. I love the patterns that she uses on some of her dresses classic!.

I sure wish I had somewhere to go :) now on to her collection.

Lela also has a partnership with payless, they carry "Lela Rose for Payless" & "Unforgettable Moments" which I am personally going to be checking out.

Take care & have a great new week!



Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ann Taylor !

Hey Everyone,

When I left WHBM this afternoon I walked past Ann Taylor. I have to admit it is hard for me to shop anywhere else sometimes other than WHBM. I decided that this time I would take a peek inside and see what their holiday floor set brings . I think a lot of their holiday stuff isn't in but I must say I was impressed with what I saw. I loved the simplicity yet elegant look that I perceived from browsing today. Their pieces don't always necessarily scream night out on the town but definitely would serve a lot of other purposes. Next time I am in the mood to shop ( which is ALWAYS lol) and the twins needs are covered , I will be venturing into Ann Taylor. This will also be great opportunity to also see the different types of fits and the atmosphere in Ann Taylor. It has been such a long time since I actually shopped there , but I am sure some of my clients will love the pieces. Like they say experience is the best teacher ! :) Sorry I don't have pictures , I wasn't able to save any of my favorites from the website.

However I was successful and saved a cute picture of a silk crepe confection top priced at $95 that I think conveys the simple yet elegant look!



Wednesday, November 4, 2009

La Mode's Website

Hey Everyone,

Sorry I haven't updated in a little bit , been super busy. The website is progressing nicely and all it needs now are the finishing touches. I initially thought it would be ready Nov 1st but technical bugs proved me otherwise lol. I am so excited and looking forward to when we go live. I am hoping that by Friday we should be going live. I can't wait for everyone to see the fantastic services we offer , for potential brides they will surely want to know :) . So please bear with us as we work to give you a polished , informative and fun website!

So stay tuned and I will definitely be back soon with a post. I am loving the pieces I have been seeing lately for the holidays!


Monday, November 2, 2009

Our $50 Winner!!! :)

Hey Everyone ,

I just want to say sorry for the delay but I am putting finishing touches on La Mode's Website!! :) which should be going live in a few hours! Well, without further delay :) I am proud to announce the winner of our first giveaway! :). I do want to say a huge thank you to everyone that entered the giveaway. Keep checking back on my blog because there will be another one very very soon! :)

Our winner is Jen (LifeLove n Wine) !! :) Please respond to this post to acknowledge your CASH :) and send me an email to with you're mailing address.

You have 24 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen so hurry!

Thank you so much for entering La Mode's giveaway !! & Keep reading !!! :)



Sunday, November 1, 2009

Jason Wu - Love it!

Hey Everyone,

It's been sooo hectic you won't believe it. With the launching of La Mode's website tomorrow, determining who wins our first giveaway , my late birthday mini celebration & the twins it has been a handful. I have been wanting to blog about the tunic dresses which I absolutely love. However, I have decided to blog about that another day :) This evening I was looking thru my old emails when Jason Wu's name caught my eye. I think his designs are amazing , I'm keeping my fingers crossed that one day I will be able to afford a dress from his collection. He became known when he stunned us with the First Lady's inaugural ball gown. I loved the fact that Mrs Obama choose to wear a low profile designer ( at the time). She also owns and has worn a lot of Jason Wu's collection ( which you will see below) .
In my inbox , I received my daily dose of fashion from In style and I noticed that they had a few sneek previews from Jason Wu's spring 2010 collection. All I can is I'm in LOVE! Enjoy some of the pictures of his designs.

Also here is Mrs Obama & Diane Kruger in Jason Wu. His clothes are FAB :) I will definitely be featuring him again soon!

(all pictures from

I Promise! to announce the winner of the $50 giveaway tomorrow , would like to do in conjunction of launching our website . We are so excited to for everyone to see what we have to offer!

Happy November everyone!



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