Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kristen Stewart!

Hey Everyone again :)

I know I just wrote a post hehehe , but honestly last night I watched the live stream of the New Moon premiere and can I just say that thankfully Kristen Stewart did NOT disappoint last night :) Especially since I wasn't feeling her lil outfit at a publicity event in Spain.

Kristen is wearing a gorgeous Oscar de la Renta gown , Kristen Stewart usually to me has such a nonchalant attitude about her dressing. So I was very excited when she opted for a feminine tulle gown with a spider web-inspired layered embroidery. She looks very sophisticated , so I will be giving her stylist kudos for getting her to look beautiful! The dress also flatters her body. I am wondering tulle is everywhere when it comes to the gowns , and I'm not surprised tulle adds a nice femininity and elegance to a dress. As I said in my earlier post "intermission" am looking forward to New Moon. Yes, I did think she could have acted slightly better in Twilight but I love her for Bella. In her the many interviews that I have seen her in she is awkward and perhaps shy, so its great to see her in this gorgeous gown.

So who is going to see New Moon this Thursday ???


  1. I won't be seeing new moon but i think she looks fabulous in her dress!

  2. I heard about this New Moon sensation, I must be the only one that hasn't read the series! Thanks for your comment, btw. You are awesome. That post took me forever to write...And I haven't forgot about you! I'll email you tomorrow and we'll catch up! ;)

  3. New Moon is already coming out? Wow! I've been living under a rock or have just completely lost track of time. I probably won't be seeing it due to the fact that I still haven't seen Twilight, but it sounds interesting. Loving the shimmer of Kristen's dress! :)

  4. Just finished New Moon last night, I really liked it. I will have to wait til next week to see the movie :) Now it's on to Eclipse. . I love Kristen's dress here and am glad to see her actually looking like a movie star.

  5. Wooooohoooo! Go Nikki! La Mode is going to go places. So lets talk about the international services!

    Ok, so yeah not going to see new moon, but Kristen looks nice in the dress.

  6. @Cafe Fashionista uh oh you are behind :) lol... no worries see twilight first yes this is def a sensation.

    @Overwhelmed mom I can't wait either :) you are going to love the remaining two books I hope she writes a 5th!!! :) I totally agree , thank goodness Kristen is looking like a movie star.

    @Duola International Services ARE!! Available so let your brides , friends and family know...and Amen to La Mode. Love the blog dear keep it up!

  7. Will be patiently waiting for the crowds to thin out :)


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