Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Long Sleeve Mini Dress

Hey Everyone,

Black Friday was crazy at my job! good thing for us I was busy styling away! Even today it picked up right as I was getting ready to leave. It was funny because their was a bit of commonality to what people happened to be looking for today. They wanted a dress a nice short length but wanted long sleeves. Which should'nt be a surprise as it is getting cold right , thankfully we had some cute mini sweater dresses as well as nice mini dresses with long sleeves. I love the long sleeve mini dress because it provides the coverage for your arms and with your legs , tights do the trick. However , in the spring you can wear without the tights and still feel comfortable. I found a cute picture from In style of Jennifer Aniston in a such a cute dress and a nice affordable alternative for under $100 from

(image from In style magazine)

For more fabulous finds check out topshop .

What do you guys think and how was your Black Friday if you went shopping ?



  1. Its funny that you posted this because I have been looking for a long sleeved mini dress. I love the look and its sexy without showing too much.

  2. that sweaterdress is really cute.

  3. Such a cute dress...too bad I still need to drop some baby weight to look that skinny! Ugh, what we go through with these kids, right?! lol

  4. love the dress.... am on topshop right

  5. I love this long sleeve mini dress! And with sheer tights? SOOO fab!

  6. that dress is very nice. I need one right now ;)


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