Thursday, November 26, 2009

La Mode is LIVE & Officially OPEN!

Hey Everyone,

How was Thanksgiving ? Yummy I hope :) Mines was , I enjoyed the evening with wonderful my wonderful family.

Moving on ,I am so excited & thankful to God that La Mode's website is DONE!!! It has been such an amazing effort put forth by my very dear family friend that worked tirelessly on my website. I am completely satisfied with the finished product of my website currently . He was patient with my endless calls , emails and rants. I am proud to say that La Mode is OFFICIALLY open for business, I wanted to establish a styling based service were everyday people like you and me could enjoy such. I do want to thank my Husband , family and my friends who have supported me 100%. I also want to give a special shout out to the very talented Onada who is not only a very dear friend of mine but one of my inspirations who led me to really push ,challenge and believe in myself to pursue my passion of styling & wardrobing. I am so grateful!

I have to thank my wonderful clients so far , for taking a leap of faith in La Mode even before our official open ! I promise not to disappoint you!

For any of my new readers ( welcome :0 ) La Mode is a fashion consulting business aimed at helping you with all you're styling needs. When I say styling needs I mean the style that is just right for you and no one else. Whether it is personal shopping services you need , special occasions such as weddings ,engagement sessions, milestone birthdays or photo shoots La Mode can help . In addition to that we can also look for the stylish location for your special event. We also have fantastic vendors that we trust that we can refer you too. Lastly whats an event without the finishing touches ? :) Once again La Mode can look for all your gift/favor solutions from the ordering to assembling to delivering! La Mode will also take care of all your gift packaging solutions such as wrapping , the tissue , labels , gift boxes & much more.

We offer all our services virtually so if you don't live in the area that is no obstacle La Mode will get the job done! ( However traveling is an option.)

Men are also welcome to any of these services!
As I finish with some of my clients and projects I will be posting them along as I go. So please check out La Mode !

For any additional information , questions ,comments or concerns please email La Mode at

I'll be back soon with a post!

Thanks Everyone for stopping by!



  1. Congratulations on the web launch!

    Funny I had a dream... we were on the beach and I became a client!

  2. Woohoo! Congratulations on the launch my dear! I am wishing you every success with La Mode.

    Also: Onada's a very motivating person!

  3. YAY congratulations girl! This only the beginning!!!! Love you loads!

  4. Congrats on launching your business. I went over to the website this morning after reading about it from Bola's blog. (She is my shero too!) What a wonderful service!!! Look forward to all the wonderful things you have to offer.


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