Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ann Taylor !

Hey Everyone,

When I left WHBM this afternoon I walked past Ann Taylor. I have to admit it is hard for me to shop anywhere else sometimes other than WHBM. I decided that this time I would take a peek inside and see what their holiday floor set brings . I think a lot of their holiday stuff isn't in but I must say I was impressed with what I saw. I loved the simplicity yet elegant look that I perceived from browsing today. Their pieces don't always necessarily scream night out on the town but definitely would serve a lot of other purposes. Next time I am in the mood to shop ( which is ALWAYS lol) and the twins needs are covered , I will be venturing into Ann Taylor. This will also be great opportunity to also see the different types of fits and the atmosphere in Ann Taylor. It has been such a long time since I actually shopped there , but I am sure some of my clients will love the pieces. Like they say experience is the best teacher ! :) Sorry I don't have pictures , I wasn't able to save any of my favorites from the website.

However I was successful and saved a cute picture of a silk crepe confection top priced at $95 that I think conveys the simple yet elegant look!




  1. this is a really gorgeous and simple top...

  2. I popped over from Anamda's Blog
    "Manda Blogs About" She featured you last Sunday in her Sunday Spotlight.

    I'm now following your blog...
    I love fashion!

  3. Welcome Ladies :)

    @JaelCustomDesigns! welcome! pls check back as we have giveaways :) and La Modes Website will be up soon! :)


  4. Hey Nikki,
    Go to my blog and you'll see a little tab across the top that says "Resources" Click on that you'll see a bunch of different networks. Join some of them, "Mom Bloggers Club" and "Twitter Moms" are really good. They have lots of groups that you can join for followers and comments and button exchanges and stuff like that. I'm a member of all of the ones I've listed plus some that I havn't added yet. These groups have helped me out a lot!

  5. I love fashion and of course, Ann Taylor! Cute blog and I am so glad you stopped by mine. :) Looking forward to blogging with you and getting to "know" you better!


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