Monday, October 19, 2009

Style Icon Monday - Sophia Bush!

Sophia Bush is definitely one of my fav style icons! She is always and I mean always dressed tastefully. She dresses according to the style that is just right for her and no one else . If she has a stylist I want to know and get a few tips pronto!. I have been following her different trends since 2001, when One Tree Hill had its pilot episode. Sophia Bush over the past 8 years has evolved and never disappoints when she steps out. From her casual look to her dressy look she is always right on point. You can always catch her in Herve Leger dresses by Max Azria which are my favs (and will be in my price range one day :) ). As well as various other Max Azria pieces ( she is such a loyal fan :) ). Recently, Sophia and Selena Gomez presented Max Azria with the Fashion Visionary Award . Check out some of her pictures in outfits that I think are hot! :)

(Pictures from

You can also catch Sophia Bush who plays Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill Monday nights @8pm she always looks fab!


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  1. Cool blog. :)

    What is with the symbols at the top of your page?

  2. Hey Girl! Love the blog. I'm following you now! Thanks for your comment. ~Mika : )

  3. @Lady Gaga I didn't see the symbols odd! unless its the "La Mode" which is my companies symbol!

    @Mika's Closet thx for the comments :) ur blog is fab and ill be visiting often :)

    Ladies you can enter the giveaway on the bottom posting :)

  4. I see why you chose her, she's beautiful and always so well put together.
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog,, and inviting me over to check you out. I think your blog is great.


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