Monday, October 5, 2009

Stlye Icon for the Week :) - Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Hi everyone! I stepped outside today and it was definitely CHILLY. Fall is HERE and its bitter sweet for me. I love the fact that my birthday is literally next week!!! :) I also love that I can bring out the leggings and tights :) , but I will miss not having to wear a jacket or coat. On the brighter side , I have seen some very cute coats, jackets and sweaters.
I have decided to do a weekly style icon that I love. Today I'm starting it off with Jennifer Love Hewitt for this week. I LOVE her show Ghost whisperer of which I am a true fan! . I have the show recorded every week even if I am not going to miss it. Some of the reasons why I like Jennifer's style is because its classy and trendy. She really ( or her stylist) knows what is the right fit for her body. On her show her outfits always got me thinking "Where can I get something like that! " The colors compliment her skin and she definitely graces the Red Carpet nicely.

( all pictures are taken from the internet.)

I love her black ensemble, which was on the set of Ghostwhisperer. Her dresses are also fabulous! :) Catch her show on CBS Friday nights! :D

Do you have any style icons you love do share :)




  1. I love her too, she always appears sexy and cute all at the same time

  2. Nice blog.. i should start consulting you for fashion tips... wink wink

  3. Definitely! :) Our website will soon be up and running but we also have a package that is strictly geared just to Fashion Tips/Shopping advice.

    :) Thx for checking us out and be sure to enter our giveaway , posting tagged $50 giveaway~


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