Thursday, October 22, 2009

Only if I could pluck money off trees! II

If only! Hey Everyone,

The week has flown by it's already Sunday tomorrow ( worship time for me yay). I've been super busy , as I just got a promotion at my job! So excited. Training has been all week which has been going well, I'm now in management so a bit of a step up . The twins just seem to be growing and growing and it's a handful trying to keep up with them :). La Mode is coming along nicely! We are getting registered officially on Monday woo woo and website is looking good , we are also working with a potential bride and it feels great.

Well, on to my "Only if I could pluck money off tress II " Still having time to feed my eyes, I stumbled across some lovely things to sure with you. I think these are such cute items and if I see look-a-likes, I will be sure to buy them. In the meantime I might be saving for what might be eternity. Theses items range from $1200-$3800 so eternity might be just right unless the lottery calls me. I think out of these three items , the earrings would be my first pick. My favorite color and so me. I also want you to list a few things are in you're "only if I could pluck money off the tress" category :)

1. Valentino Rose Vertigo hobo - $2395
( , image from Instyle)

2. Herve Leger Exotic Beaded Dress - $3800 .
(Image from

3. Jamie Wolf Aladin earrings -$2800.
( , image from Instyle)

Don't forget to list some of your wants :)

The $50 giveaway is still going on till Oct 31st 2009 11:59pm , you can enter below on the posting tagged "giveaway"

Till next time



  1. I definitely want one of those Balmain studded jackets. SOOO hot! You know Zara tried making something similar and I ended up buying that version? Spending 2000 bucks for jacket sounds kind of too much for me..

  2. I love that Herve Leger dress, he is one of my favorite designers as well. Also on my wish list Christian Louboutins. I am madly in love with his shoes and can't wait until I can afford to buy at least one. I will probably have to wear it everyday, lol. By the way Congratulations on your promotion! WHOHOOO!

  3. Hey Nikki, I didn't forget about you, I have an award for you, come pick it up at my blog, it's the Kreativ Blogger Award :)

  4. Thanks guys :) ... I love the Balmain LOOK! so in!


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