Wednesday, October 14, 2009

4 Do's & Don't Over the Knee :)

Hey Everyone ,

So I was looking for some brief and straight to the point tips for the over the knee boots and I liked this particular article that I was reading on the internet. I added somethings and took out something that I thought didn't really apply. ( Original article by Tichanda Thompson)

  • Casual or Dressy: Knee high boots come in flats and varying heel heights which allow a number of pairing possibilities. Flat boots can be dressed up with sweater dresses, short skirts, boyfriend cardigans, vests, tunics, and blazers. High Heeled boots can be dressed down with skinny jeans, tees, leggings, and motorcycle jackets as well as the military style jackets w/ tees
  • Keep everything in proportion: Everything tends to look better on long legs but shorter frames can pull off the look if you pay attention to lengths and heights. If you are short - add a heel to elongate the leg and don't go to high on the thigh. Stay close to the knee so that you have room to show off a little skin. Try a skirt or shirt that falls just below the butt without revealing too much. Also break up the look and draw the eye upward with cropped jackets, mini skirts, belts, and accessories so you don't look too bottom heavy.
  • Wear solids or basic : Too many colors and prints can be an overload with such a strong statement piece. Try monochromatic looks, or solids that complement your boot instead of compete with it.. These boots can go from chic to costume-y very quickly if you are not careful
  • No Leggings : There is no need to wear leggings, tight, or panty hose with these boots because only a small portion of the leg will ultimately show. However - leggings can offer a pop of color, or a safety net if a top or skirt is a micro mini.
Pulling this look off Ladies its all about how you rock it !!

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