Monday, January 11, 2010

Maternity Chic!

Happy Monday Everyone!

***WINNER of giveaway has been announced! Congrats to Amy Horton!! She has been contacted! If I don't receive an answer by the 24 hour time frame is up a new winner will be chosen! Thanks to everyone for their entries once I hit 200! I plan to have another one so stay tuned! I didn't think I would hit 200 so early in the year but you all have been fab!***

I had a fab weekend visit with my Mother who doesn't live in the United States. So it was fun to catch up and chit -chat most of the way. Plus she gave the twins a fab Christmas gift a lil something to put in their college funds/savings, which was definitely a plus.

Recently, I have seen Amy Adams stylishly pregnant puts a smile on my face :) Sure I don't know none of these stars , but when they are pregnant it seems so cute because they seem just like everyday people. So I decided to check out pics of pregnant celebrities or celebrities who had been pregnant.

Looking online I thought Heidi Klum ( as usual :D ) Hiedi Klum will be debuting two lines for pea in a pod in February . Since I plan on introducing a maternity package to La Mode , I will be looking out for that to hit stores.

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz looked gorgeous pregnant. I was also please to find that Christian Sirianto, A favorite winner from project runway has a maternity line to debut in the Spring I believe. I will be looking forward to that , I think he is a great designer. I have a post on him in the works.

Amy Adams is getting a custom made maternity wardrobe from Carolina Herrera for her ! I wish that would be awesome, if I had something custom made when I was pregnant! She has been seem a lot lately while promoting for her new film leap year , which just hit the theaters this past weekend.

And Lastly, of course Angelina Jolie stunned me in 2008 , when she was 6months pregnant with the twins and wore a beautiful Max Azria green empire dress. I thought it was a gorgeous choice and it flattered her just right.

Enjoy the pics!

Heidi Klum-

Christian Sirianto-
Ashlee Simpson-Wentz -
Amy Adams-(images from and celebrity baby bumps)

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

( image from

Bonus Clip** lol...ME

(image from La Mode)

Me at 6 months pregnant with my twin girls lol! We went to Orlando for a nice mini vacay!.

How was your style when you were expecting ? If you don't have kids yet , do you plan to stay stylish ? :)



  1. you were rocking preggers... I can't believe you were 6mths with twins. you are so little

  2. wow you looked fab. I also adore Heidi. She gets her pre pregnancy weight so fast. No kids, but when the time comes, I plan to stay chic and cute(hopefully no type of sickness)

  3. Very chic, and very glad I don't have to deal with that right now but you look FAB girl!

  4. I plan to try to stay stylish, but I will try to get clothes from friends to save money.

  5. You looked great and stylish..well done. Heidi wows me every time. I am not a mum yet but indeed on being stylish during the process and super slim

  6. LOOK at you...smokin hot while 6 months preggers! I wish I looked that good...I just wore the same things I wore before I was pregnant with a few minor adjustments! I was my biggest in the middle of summer so I lived in sundresses with empire waists and flip flops.

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