Monday, January 25, 2010

Intermission :)

Hey Everyone!

It has been super busy for me in the last couple of days with work , La mode & my family. So firstly I would like to apologize to you guys because I haven't read or commented on blogs lately. I will do that as soon as I am done writing this post :) . So where do I start , my Interns are amazing! I am so excited about all they will be working on this semester. They have already started working on our first annual charity event. I will be posting their introductory blog posts shortly.La Mode has been doing great , we just got another Bridal client which is amazing! If you know anyone getting married or if you are or just want personal shopping advice La mode can HELP :)
The twins are growing sooo fast its mind blowing. The new things they seem to learn , do or say is so funny. It is such a delight to watch them grow , I'm so blessed. I think am going to increase how much I read to them daily because they love it when I read to them. I can't wait till it gets warmer though this weather sucks big time. This morning it has been raining like crazy already. Oh how can I forget the kisses they give to me through out the day priceless!
On a different note , GO SAINTS! :) woo woo I am so happy they won ! Although my main team is the EAGLES they didn't make bohoo !! I had to move on to my default team , which will be the SAINTS in the Superbowl. New Orleans post Katrina needs this to boost them up as a city. It was wonderful watching how they were celebrating in the streets when they won the NFC championship yesterday. I am a HUGE!! Football fan , I even took Superbowl Sunday off from work :)
The fashion world doesn't waste anytime spring is already hitting the stores! I plan to have a spring report for everyone later on in the week. With where to get the hottest spring pieces at an affordable price. Also we plan to come up with spring must haves as well.
White House Black Market is going well I love it there. I love my career in Fashion,especially retail fashion because I get to first hand connect with the people. I am a Sales Lead mgr now but I am thinking that I might want to climb up the ladder eventually. We plan to have a fashion show soon which I will be heading so that will be fun.

Well I feel like I have been talking way too much lol... So let me end here! I will post the Interns posts shortly. What have you all been up too ?



  1. You truly have been busy! Congrats on all the good things that have been happening in your life (La Mode's success, the new interns, that you're a Sales lead manager). I'm looking forward to hearing much more about what's going on in your life, and maybe seeing more pics of your girlies?

  2. Yes I def plan to post more pics of them lol....

  3. yay go saints. Nice that you got new clients. I love working with brides. Congrats on the interns.


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