Monday, January 4, 2010


Happy New Year Everyone!

I named this post Greatness because that is what I am working on for 2010!

I am refreshed and ready to go! , I have been reading everyone's blogs and their well wishes and I just love some of the blogging communities that I have found. I have so much this year that I'm looking forward too personally and with La Mode.

Firstly I would love to say a HUGE THANK YOU! to the amazing people who have taken the time to enter my giveaway its a fabulous giveaway! This year I plan to have at least 1 every 6-8 weeks or so , so please keep posted ... :) I am also working on visiting each of you that have blogs to become followers as well!! It's all about support!

My personal Goals include building a closer relationship with God! He blessed me so much last year, even when I was faithless and for that I am thankful. I also plan to be more organized!! lol and spend my time more effectively on my days off! I also plan to get in more date nights with the Husband and trying to spend wisely.

La Mode is already looking great so far! Some of my goals are to make my blog more interactive and I am also looking to upgrade the design :) and maybe moving to word press. To write posts often so you can look forward to coming on over!

I plan to hopefully have a certain amount of new clients :)

La Mode is going to have its first annual Benefit Concert /Fundraiser this year WOOOHOOO!!! I will be donating half of the proceeds to two charities LabakCare which provides health care and hope for the less fortunate kids in Africa and to Alex's Lemonade stand for Pediatric Cancer. Although I know no one who has been diagnosed with Pediatric Cancer it is something verrry dear to my heart!! So if you are in the PA,NJ,MD,DE Area this will be something to look forward to, or even if you live beyond the cause is worth it! More info in the next couple of months. I plan to make this annual event with a different Charity every year.

La Mode's Interns will be starting this week and I am super excited about that! I have so much planned for them.

Also look out because we will be introducing a maternity , post-maternity package & a kids package to our business!!!

These are a few of the things I am looking forward too :) If you haven't joined La Mode's mailing list, you can do so here to get informed of our specials , events , giveaways and much more.

So there is a little insight into what is going on in my head for this year!....

Now on to one of my fav subjects FASHION :) The red carpet is always fun and to kick it off this year Jan 17th is the Golden Globe ,People Choice Awards, The Oscars and the Goya Awards in February and much more...

Hope everyone had a splendid New Year's Eve!

Here is to greatness in 2010!

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  1. Congrats on all of the giveaway entries! Wishing you all the best for greatness in 2010!

    ~ Lynn

  2. What a great post! You were right! Good luck in all your endeavors and in regards to some of the fundraiser stuff you'll be doing; I am in the DC area, which kind of counts as the MD area...could I get involved? Take care girl and thanks for all the love on my blog!

  3. Happy New Year. I look forward to reading more. I also look forward to the fashion of awards season...oh how I miss living in LA and being right in the middle of it!
    Holly @ 504 Main and hip weddings

  4. Isn't ThetaMom the best? Love her!

    Thanks for stopping over! So glad you found me! I think your personal shopper biz is great!!

    and it is GENIUS to introduce a materinity shopping service.. I know I could have used some help when I was expecting and trying to look like Angelina Jolie in her one of a kind cute maternity gear!

    Looking forward to reading more about your biz in your future posts.

  5. yay happy new year. I pray this year brings us lots of joy and happiness.

  6. Happy New Year! Good luck with all your goals! I hope you achieve them all! :)

  7. Happy New year! and i wish you all the best.. for greatness in 2010. i've become one of your followers. take care

  8. Love this post - 2010 will definitely be a year of greatness! All the best :)

  9. Happy new year!! may you have that year of greatness!!

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Happy New Year to you!

  11. Thanks Ladies!!! I wish all of you GREATNESS in 2010!!! :)

  12. Oh, I love the word you chose for 2010. May we all seek and attain GREATNESS in our lives this year.

    I love that you've named closeness to God as a first goal, and I can relate 100% to the fact that God was faithful to me even when I was faithless or just negligent. His grace is definitely unmerited on my part.

    I also love that you're planning to give back! I'll love to hear more and see more about how it goes...I'll be cheering you along in 2010 (and beyond)!

  13. Wow! happy new year and congratulations. So shall it be in God's name...Amen

  14. So I totally don't live in any of those areas YET, but I hope to be moving that way soon - I'll let you know how that turns out. I wish you and La Mode tons of success this year & hopefully we'll be crossing paths soon! :)

  15. Thanks Ladies

    @1511th AMEN!

    @EbonyJewel hopefully!!!


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