Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday :)

Happy Monday!

Hey everyone :) a new week has arrived woo woo. I'm patiently waiting till March , end of March to be exact so I can get my iPad! ;) I don't care what anyone says. It does all the things I need and being that I don't have an iPhone or iPod touch it would be perfect. I played around on my girls iPhone last night , I must admit if not for the dozens of contacts on my BBM I would have gladly traded my Blackberry for an iPhone.
I have been wanting an e-reader for a while now and to be honest I didn't even know it existed till I saw it on Onada's blog LOL.... I love reading books though, James Patterson , Jackie Collins , John Grisham etc. I am also looking for new authors to read , so the e-reader portion of the iPad made me one happy potential buyer :)
As we all know by now Who Dat Nation is ECSTATIC! Congrats to New Orleans!!! I mean as you all know ( or for those who don't) I am a SERIOUS Eagles fan , however we need to put in some serious work. We have been to the playoffs 8 times in the last 10 years and no SUPER BOWL WIN!! So when my teams chances were cut :s naturally I choose an alternate team hehe , which was the New Orleans. No offense to the Colts who I think is an amazing team as well , but New Orleans needed this more. Manning & Co already have one under their belt , heck the Eli and Peyton both have rings so I wanted the underdogs to have this.
As we should all know this lol , Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush have the spotlight this week. Literally every blog , gossip , entertainment website is talking about them lol. Last night after the Super bowl when my fav commentators on the NFL network were talking to Reggie and Porter of course Kim had to get her spotlight and lurk behind , they eventually called her up to speak. However , under her name they put "Model" Kim is no model , she is a reality tv star in my opinion who is riding the wave from her tape that made her so famous. I gotta admit though the girl has style so whatever rocks her boat lol.
Now for the rest of this week I plan to save at least $50 towards my savings challenge that I am taking part in over at Onada's blog. I have come up with my "wishlist" for 2010. I am always so busy being mom and wife , that sometimes I have little or no time for me! So I have decided to write down 12 of my absolute fav things I want this year and buy at least 1 item each month. Its time to take care of "Me". I will blog about every item I buy on my wishlist :) so stay tuned to see this months buy.
Lastly , I want to start a reader style watch! , I want you the readers to send me pictures of anything you think is fashionable or that you just love and I will post it up on my blog. I have my first one to put up soon. A friend of mine was shopping in Zara and saw the cutest trench coat. He sent me a picture and I plan to blog about it! Don't forget when you send it to me you have to tell me why you love it !

Other than that I will be working hard on my clients ,working at WHBM this week and think about what I will do for the Hubby this Valentines day :)

What will you all be up too this week ?



  1. Ipad what what! lol. I'm seriously eyeing the nook but I'll wait to see the ipad!

  2. Okay...coming from a total apple fanatic, get the iPhone, don't get the iPad. I know you love your BB and I know you love BBM, BUT 1 month of the iPhone and you will have forgotten about BB & BBM, I promise!

    Before you rush out to buy it (and I tell everyone this) read up on what it doesn't do and what it doesn't support. $500 for a 16GB "pc" that doesn't support flash, doesn't support multitasking, the iPhone 3GS at least comes in a 32GB for cheaper than $500, the cheapest iPad doesn't come with 3G coverage for that you'll have to pay $629 AND pay AT&T $30 a month for unlimited data coverage, the battery is built in - if it dies, you're screwed, no camera (even the iPhone has a camera)....want me to go on? LOL

    I think the iPad will get better over time, but I wouldn't jump on the first release to only find out that 6 months or so later a "new and improved" iPad is coming out.

  3. I want the ipad so bad but I'm going to wait until next year. Knowing apple very well, they'll probably tweak some things and bring out a better version next year.

    ps don't trade your bb for an iphone :) I love my bb and I can't do without bbm!!!!

  4. Hehehehe

    @Ebony jewel :) Girl I can't can't do without my BBM lol , all my if not 98% of my friends here in the states , London and Nigeria use it! It's essential for my keeping in touch. On the flip side trust me I have read every single article about iPad LOL...I read them everyday. However I plan to get the wifi one only, cos I have my phone that has the 3g access and I always go to place with free wifi anyways and for my needs it works for me. I will also be using my bro's education discount LOL. I actually don't like the multi task , because while am reading a book why would I want to listen to music. Its multitasking that makes me loose my focus most days. I am upset however that it doesn't have the camera but like we all know Apple will come out with a second gen. When that happens I will sell this one and upgrade. My mind is made up ! lol. Also I plan on using my iPad mostly for reading books which I know has pro and cons but I have decided I will get it lol.

    @ChicLeVogueish I know I planned on getting the Nook or Kindle for now and wait till they came out with a better one , but I have no iPod touch or iPhone so I will buy it when the 2 gen comes out I will sell my ipad for half the price I know someone will buy it LOL. I can't do without my BB lol.

    Alot of people I think get it wrong the iPad was never meant to be a replacement of a "PC" and I think that is why people are so disappointed.

    Great Convo and comments thanks Ladies!!! :) xx

  5. I don't have an i anything. Just me and my laptop! lol


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