Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In my shopping cart II !

Hey Everyone!!

So much going on its crazy! Fashion week is well underway , The Brit Award show in London and lastly Kim Kardashian is EVERYWHERE I look ! She and her sisters recently designed a line for bebe and while I haven't shopped at bebe in a while I must say am impressed with some of the recent stuff I have seen. I hate hate hate to admit it but I did buy something from the Kardashian line hehe..I mean and while I don't like a lot from this collection , I did like 2 or 3 things. Now the dress I got I absolutely love , I just got it today and it fits like a glove. I might however be removing the shoulder pad. They have 4 more collections coming out so looking fwd to seeing what they will be having. Kim also unveiled her new perfume at the 5th Ave Sephora store , where she was wearing one of her dresses and they had to shut down the street. Wow! on that particular article I read ( bossip.com) someone made a very interesting comment saying Kim doesn't act , sing , dance or play sports yet she is just famous. What do you guys think about that ? I agree that she is intense right now and with her show and Khloe marrying Lamar Odom of the LA Lakers the publicity is 100 for them right now!

Yes! So back to my shopping cart :) I went to one of my fav online boutiques The White Dress Shop . I love a ton of stuff from the White dress shop but so far I only own 3 items which will grow to 5 tomorrow lol. I have been looking for a One shoulder top thats cute , fun and will look great with skinny jeans. I want quality material that I can get a lot of use out of also , so when I stumbled on this top I thought I must have this! The two tops that I have gotten from the store have been made by designer Aryn K and I LOVE the two tops I love how they fit and are made of beautiful quality. This top I choose because in the spring I think it will look nice with a cute pair of boot cut denim of with my boyfriend denim with cute heels.

I am still looking for a nice long sleeve mini dress and I recently gave away 2 dresses and 10 pairs of jeans to my babysitters daughter and she was ecstatic! I felt great and was happy to see my true religions n 7 for all mankind go to use instead of just sitting in my closet. Ah the pre - pregnancy body however it means I can buy new jeans :D ones that fit and look just as good as the old ones. I have embraced my new body which isn't that bad lol I just need to tone up my tummy.

Here Kim is wearing a black dress from her line ( not too fond of it) www.bebe.com

The Dress I bought $129 and I love it! plus of course I had a $25 coupon off so I got it for $109. ( I am all about saving) Do you guys think I should remove the shoulder pad ? :)

Hahahaha This is a bonus clip I saw this and just burst out laughing my hubby was looking at me funny lol....Lady Gaga is a serious trip! This is her at the Brit Award where she gave a very emotional performance in honor of Alexander McQueen ( R.I.P.)

Back to my shopping cart :) These are the two tops I plan on getting tomorrow , well the white one is a definite and then one arm pretty much I just need to make sure it will go nicely with what I have in mind for it.

****I plan to post about my client aka Kay she is amazing! I am so delighted that she didn't feel to embarrassed or shy about need my help. Most people wonder why would I need a personal shopper or a stylist , when I blog about her you will know why. It helps to have a consultant step in and help when you have a wedding or getting married , event ,special occasion to make u look right on point. Or you might just need someone to help you seasonally or year round. Plus my services are tailored to cater to every day people like you and me! So if you need help period contact you will not be disappointed I assure you!!!!***

Meeting w/Intern Thursday after all this weather can't wait!



  1. I love keeping up with the kardashian's

  2. The dress is very cute! Keep the shoulder pad. its dramatic! p.s. Love TheWhiteDressShop :)

  3. Keep the shoulder pad!!! DO NOT TOUCH IT!! I love the one arm top so much, I am so getting me one.

    Lol @ Gaga...no comment

  4. ...off with pad. it looks so alien and people would stare unless you work at "mode"

    dresses from the runway are not really meant to be worn 'as is' imo.

    ..but what do i know about fashion....

    am jelos too.

  5. I'm not crazy about their bebe line. Maybe I expected too much I dunno. I liked one shiny jacket she wore one time and I was so excited and looking fwd to their line but it fell way below expectation imo. Oh and don't get me started on that trash bag material looking dress. The style is nice but the fabric is wrong wrong wrong on so many levels :(

  6. If the dress is what it looks like in the picture then it will lose its form.i think the beauty of the dress is that lift the shoulder pads give it.without the pads it would just be another one shoulder dress and you would also have to slim fit the shoulder.

    So keep it Nikky ..its HOT

  7. I would probably take the shoulder pad out of the black dress. It's super cute & I'm sure you'll look great in it!

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the white shirt!! I want it!! Looking at TheWhiteDressShop.com now! Too cute!

  8. @Ebony the white shirt is fab! :) and its silk perfect for skinny jeans w/nice blazer bf jacket etc.!


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