Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Oh Heidi Heidi she just WOWs us!

Hey Everyone,

As the Victoria Secret Fashion show just wrapped up , Heidi just amazes me!! I saw these pics from the Nov 20th 2009 Vicky Secret fashion show before they aired the complete show tonite!

Heidi Klum just had a baby 5 weeks ago!!! OMG how does she look so fabulous already! I had mines 15months ago and I def can't pull these dresses off!

You go girl! we heart Heidi!

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  1. She inspires me - she looks hot!

  2. @1511th omg she does!! I need to loosemy baby fat like asap!!! lol.

  3. Love Heidi!! My twins are going on 3 1/2 years old - I still can't get rid of those last 10 pounds. They make a big difference when you're only 5' 1''.

  4. @Flory absolutely! its so hard isn't it! lol I hope I get to participate in theta mom thursday this week.

  5. that is amazing! that she just had a baby weeks ago and she's looking like that! go her!


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