Friday, December 18, 2009

B! It's getting HOT in here !

Hey Everyone!

I was catching up on my daily does of in style when I came across Beyonce!! :) Now I will be the first to admit , I wasn't a HUGE Beyonce fan in terms of her singing cos all her songs were very commercial but extremely catchy. However, after seeing her in concert with 2 of my very close girlfriends that all changed I am pretty sure I will be going to see her again!. I mean omg her FIRE & PASSION on the stage was electrifying , what I call O.O.C out-of-control which is why I am not surprised the name of her new fragrance is none other but "HEAT" . The fragrance is inspired from her very "hot" performances. The scent according to In Style is "the scent has notes of red vanilla orchid, magnolia, neroli and blush peach". I probably use like the same fragrance every day which is Miracle by Lancome which I LOVE!!!... So when this hits the departmental stores in Februauy I must admit I will try the sampler out of curiosty to see how it smells. :)

One week to Christmas everyone have you finished your shopping ? If not I have 20 fab gifts under $100 for you to see :) My giveaway will start after Christmas woo woo! :) so stay tuned, I of my readers will win the chance to choose anything they want on my 20 under$100 list and depending on how Christmas goes hehehe it might be two lucky readers :).

For all my readers expecting heavy weather this weekend PLS drive safe!!!

Have a safe weekend!



  1. I'm not a huge fan of Beyonce. I think mainly because all of her songs are waaaay too overplayed. So it kind of turns me off to all of her songs because I know people will just go overboard with them

    I'm so excited for your giveaway!

  2. I'm not a fan of Bey so I won't be buying the perfume. Why do all artist think they need to make perfume?

  3. So...I totally cannot stand Beyonce....but I want to know what the perfume smells like. I'll have to check it out in Feb...wonder what stores will have it.

  4. I will def try out that scent, it sounds like it will be pretty good. I'm always looking for new perfume regardless of whose name is on the box.

  5. My son is in love with Beyonce, it's so cute. I think she's really talented. Didn't know she had this coming out! Have a wonderful holiday Nikki!!!

  6. I am also getting round to liking her now but I must admit I hate that I love her especially her fire and passion.

    i still havent done my xmas shopping...shh


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