Thursday, April 8, 2010

Swimwear Trend Alert!

Swimwear trends for summer 2010

I talked to my mom today and she told me the Cape May beaches looked like the middle of summer this week. I guess this comes as no surprise since the temperatures were in the 80’s and most of the schools were closed for spring break. Too bad my spring break was several weeks ago, when it rained every day. But the nice weather did make me realize that summer is coming and I need a new bathing suit. This prompted me to do some research on the most popular swimwear trends for summer 2010.

* Swimwear is more colorful than other years. Skip the basic black and go for a pretty pastel or deep jewel tone.

* One-shoulder is a big fashion “do”. You will see this style in one-piece swimsuits, bikinis and cover-ups.

* For those who are daring, the cutaway bikini is going to be popular. The cutaway can be just on the top, bottom or both.

* Oversized cover-ups, beach bags, straw hats and sunglasses are all going to be BIG this summer.

Guess I’ll be heading to the mall this weekend.

oxox Emily


  1. super cute! can't wait to go shopping for my bathing suit!

  2. I went to Doll House to by a Sherri Hill dress 1403 for the best price quoted $450 for my daughter. I was told that Doll House has a registry and that I would be the only one wearing this style dress at my formal. When I arrived at my formal, there were two 2 other girls wearing exactly the same style dress and they also got it from dollhouse I can’t begin to tell you how angry and sick that made me feels. I will not be taking my daughter there for her year 12 formal.


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