Monday, August 16, 2010


Hey Everyone!!!!!

I can't believe its been almost 4 months!!! since I last posted wow how does time fly. Let's just say that I am happy about the little hiatus and what we have done in our "off season" LOL. However, we are back and better than ever! So many things have happened with LaMode since April. We have gained a few new clients , added a new service and will be launching a new service come Jan 2011. I thank God for the blessings!

Now don't get me wrong I still love fashion but I have come to realize I love other things too....

LMC ( LaMode Consulting) will be coming out with a Press Release shortly so stay tuned!

This blog is primarily going to be a LOOK BOOK :) with all work being shown on here.

It feels so good to blog again!!!

I'll be back soon enough....I promise!!! lol.



  1. Thanks Tiffany!!! Gotta make my way over to your blog its been too long!

  2. Welcome back! I like the new look (hehe...or maybe it's not so new but it's new to me!).

    I like the idea of this blog showcasing your work! Looking forward to seeing it all.

  3. Thanks Hun it's been a while!!! :)

  4. welcome back hon! i'm loving the new look ;)


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