Thursday, August 19, 2010

Make Up & Style by LM

LM is working hard on their makeup artistry, as new service that we will be fully ready to Launch Jan 2011. We are so excited! we look forward to enhancing your beauty in style :) One thing I love about my consulting business is, I can take all the things I have a passion for and make other people feel happy. Since , I don't want to be jack of all trade and master of none LOL as one of my best friend's said. I will be focusing only on all the services I will be providing. However, look at our favorite Reality Queen! Kim Kardashian is into everything so Hey :) let me live !

Today I am going to be featuring a practice run I did on my dear friend Ola. She wanted a popping look so I decided to do this look!!

Sorry , The pics are not in order :)

(Pictures courtesy LaMode )

What do you all think :)



  1. Good work!! Love the eyebrows!!!

    Well done & im looking forward to seeing more pics of ur work.

  2. thanks for featuring me on you blog Niks! I totally loved it!

  3. Awwwww Ola is smoking men!!!! Hottie all the way...Love love love the look..Fab job LM..Please keep it coming..

  4. Hey La Mode, Love it! You are off to a great start in makeup artistry. Glad that La Mode is expanding and offering more useful services that will make you more marketable. Keep up the great work.

  5. I went to Doll House to by a Sherri Hill dress 1403 for the best price quoted $450 for my daughter. I was told that Doll House has a registry and that I would be the only one wearing this style dress at my formal. When I arrived at my formal, there were two 2 other girls wearing exactly the same style dress and they also got it from dollhouse I can’t begin to tell you how angry and sick that made me feels. I will not be taking my daughter there for her year 12 formal.


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