Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Monday! - I am back!

Hey Everyone!

Weird I just wrote a post and it is gone :( So here I am re writing it lol. So I am back! I had writers block and for some reason I just couldn't come up with a decent post ( by my standards).
I am glad to be back! I can't believe it is about to be APRIL! Time is flying , my intern Emily has been doing a fantastic job and she is getting ready to graduate. Kirsten is no longer with La Mode we both decided that she wasn't a good fit , but no harm done we wish her the best on her future!

La Mode is currently going through re vamping! Although La Mode's fist wardrobe review will be taking place very soon ( super excited) I decided to take on new clients for little to nothing! I want to build La Mode's portfolio and as a small business it is very hard to get off the ground with no portfolio to show. So La Mode is currently working on that as well as releasing a new maternity package so look out for that at our relaunch :) ( exact date not confirmed but will keep you all posted)

I lately have bought new gadgets as opposed to clothing lol , I got the Barnes and Noble Nook! Which I loveeee , I love to read books so this was great. As you all know I wanted the iPad like it was yesterday but due to the hubby and a close friend of mine I decided to hold out until the 2nd gen! I know I know I gave in!!! I also got the ipod touch to satisfy my curiosity and need and I must say I love it.Lastly , I got the Wii loveeeeeee that lol , it keeps me going and going and going ( currently loving Super Mario bros hehehe).

Now with all these gadgets I have had no extra for feeding my retail thirst however, I saw these Jessica Simspon platforms and couldn't resist hehehe :) They are platform sling backs and super comfortable!

What have you all been up to ?? I have missed the world of blogging :)

be back soon



  1. Welcome back, Nikki! Sounds like some great stuff coming up for La Mode. How very exciting for you all. I've just been up to the usual.

  2. Welcome back darling..Be gone writer's

  3. Welcome back!! I haven't blogged lately - my schedule is crazy insane at work, but super fun!

    Happy you decided to wait on the 1st gen iPad, I'm sure the 2nd gen will be much better & will come out shortly after the 1st gen is released. I'm going to laugh at all the crazies who stand in line for this thing only to find out that in 6 more months a "new & improved" iPad will be launched.


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